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Tongue-And-Groove Block Suits Modular Building Solutions

Targeting development of affordable housing, single-family residences, multi-family units and mixed-use projects, Eco Global Corp. introduces Incablock,

Targeting development of affordable housing, single-family residences, multi-family units and mixed-use projects, Eco Global Corp. introduces Incablock, which features a tongue-and-groove design said by product developers to add structural and cost-savings benefits to the environmental advantages of conventional CMUs. Accordingly, Eco Global offers a turnkey program that includes all elements needed for construction of large, low-cost developments in any location: licensing for unit production on site, all necessary equipment, set-up procedures, specification software, factory training, and on-call field support.

The practicality of Incablock for low-cost housing, especially in emerging markets characterized by high need but limited resources, was evident as Eco Global built model homes of varying configurations for the Mexican government. That effort positioned the company to finalize an agreement calling for construction of numerous affordable Incablock homes in Mexico.

Suitable also for construction in areas subject to seismic activity and high winds, Incablock's tongue-and-groove feature provides interlocking capability on all contact faces. Resultant dilatation joints ensure strength, Eco Global asserts, while increasing flexibility to levels exceeding all recognized building safety requirements.

Additionally, because the units are interlocking, they are self-aligning and easily assembled, often without need for mortar between adjoining blocks to achieve requisite strength and durability. Though some plans call for rebar and grouting, the company notes, use of less grout reduces labor-time and building-materials outlay. Moreover, less-skilled and lower-priced workers can effectively install to specification with precise results. Thus, Incablock adds labor and materials first-cost savings to the advantages of concrete block over wood construction, i.e., termite proofing, fire resistance, sound dampening, and as much as 40 percent greater energy efficiency.

Besides structural integrity and cost savings benefits, Eco Global affirms, its proprietary technology offers a completely modular building block solution, comprising a series for walls of four interlocking block sizes in various models, plus special-function blocks in addition to the standard units, as well as a lightweight concrete insulated roof system. The company's computer software can help builders and architects reconfigure construction plans to Incablock specifications, including custom modular blocks that house key structural elements like electrical outlet boxes, wall switches, phone and computer system housings, security-system control panels, interior door and window frames, and plumbing wall units. Û