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Oil shear coupler brake

Posistop oil shear coupler brake, ideal replacement for electric brakes often found mounted on the back of a special brake motor, mounts to the working end of a standard C-face motor eliminating the need for a special brake motor. This means the motor can be used for non-brake applications as well, thus reducing motor inventory. This also may allow use of a fan-cooled motor, which is sometimes not possible with brake mounted on the fan end.

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Service-Free U-Joints

This company announced the introduction of service-free u-joints to its heavy-duty Spicer Life Series (SPL) driveshafts, technology that delivers a permanently lubricated driveline that reduces maintenance costs over the life of the product. The SPL-250 and SPL-170 u-joints have been designed for main and tandem drive inter-axle driveshaft applications for a variety of Class 8 heavy-duty truck applications and borrow from Dana’s industry-proven service-free technology that has been available in Europe for over 13 years.

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Economy batch panel

BatchTron I, a low-cost batch controller embodying features of the larger II & III versions, is a PLC/touch-screen system that can replace more expensive PC-based controllers. Directed at simpler applications, such as portable or transit mixed concrete plants, BatchTron I can store 1,000 mix designs and handle up to two scales, plus six aggregate, three cement, two water and six admixture sources, with direct feed or inclined belt from aggregate scale to mixer.

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