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Slab repair mortar

52 WR 150A single-component, polymer-modified, rapid-hardening, cementitious formulation, Spectrum Re-Kote TF is designed for resurfacing of deteriorated concrete slabs or structures.

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Crack adhesive, sealer

52 Thermi 150The newest addition to the company’s concrete repair and restoration line is Hairline Crack Sealer, a two-component, low viscosity epoxy resin system designed to deeply penetrate and bond cracks as small as 0.002 of an inch in structural concrete slabs, parking decks, bridge decks, runways, and industrial and commercial floors.


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Remanufactured transmissions

52 Eaton 150Company has extended its FLEX Reman transmissions program with the recent launch of the RTO 16908LL 10-speed model, suiting a variety of on/off-highway vocational applications; 12 new part numbers, each with forward shift bar housings that complement the existing standard shift bar housing transmission offerings; and, a new delivery policy affording same day shipments.

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