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52 A 150The SCL series capacitance point level sensor eliminates the problems associated with rotary paddle style bin level indicators, the company contends, by using solid state capacitance sensing technology to detect the presence or absence of a wide range of materials, including dry and freely flowing powders and granular materials.


45 Cintecia 150A new type of dissipative wall anchor solves the issues of how to protect heritage buildings in some of the most earthquake-prone parts of the world. Cintec International’s dissipative anchor consists of a set of stainless steel plates to which four bolts apply pressure, creating friction to an adjustable degree. There are built-in stops to restrict the sliding motion, and connectors that link to Cintec’s standard anchor rods. The anchor allows a controlled and repairable drift for the walls, managing the amount of seismic energy fed into the structure and therefore minimizing damage to the building.


44 Techniseali 150After years of research and development on new packaging options for its RG+ Polymeric Sand, hardscape materials specialist Techniseal has opted for the latest European “Drypak” offering in conjunction with upgraded graphics and product labeling.