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Masonry chop saw approaches near-zero dust emissions

iQ Power Tools (formerly Masonry Tec Products) launched its iQ360 14-in. Masonry Chop Saw (below) at World of Concrete 2012, billing the model as the world’s first such equipment with fully-integrated dust collection vacuum system and singular power source.

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Silo level scanner

BinMaster Level Controls announces the introduction of the 3DLevelScanner HE designed for use in storage silos containing challenging materials such as clinker, alumina, and fly ash. This new model of the 3DLevelScanner has an operating temperature range of up to 250°F (120°C) to accommodate higher temperatures that may be present when material that has been heated in the production process is conveyed into storage silos. The 3DLevelScanner HE is ideal for use in the cement, aluminum and power industries where there are multiple challenges such as dust or high humidity and very large silos where the material surface in the bin may be uneven and difficult to measure.

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Work Boots

Molded from lightweight EVA resin, the Cruiser work boot has no seams to leak and no buckles to fail. Also, the EVA closed-cell polymer used in the boot is completely waterproof. The manufacturer notes that at just 2.1 lbs. per pair, Cruisers are virtual featherweights compared to other boots in their class, yet are tough enough to stand up to challenges like rebar wire ties that can shred ordinary PVC boots.

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