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Fork Lift Vacuum Attachment

A self-contained, battery-powered vacuum lifter, the Anver Fork Lift Vacuum Attachment features a chassis that slides onto standard 26-in. forks for picking up loads from the top using up to 16 spring-assisted rubber suction pads. With the elimination of hooks, grabs and slings, the vacuum attachment is easy to attach and remove, and has built-in parking stands to protect the pads during storage.

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Forklift Load Spreader Beam

A new spreader beam by Jescraft allows stone handlers to move loads quickly and safely with a forklift. Specially designed for stone fabricators who need to transport material in and out of buildings or make tight turns in a crowded yard, Jescraft’s spreader beam features fork-access slots that provide a secure way of engaging and lifting the beam with a forklift. This creates a more mobile and maneuverable alternative to hoisting with a stationary overhead crane. The beam is also ideal for loading and unloading containers.

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