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Vince Hagan machines largest portable RCC mixer

Vince Hagan Co. has announced a horizontal mixer with 8-yd. yield for roller-compacted concrete mixer and 10-yd. yield for cement-treated base mixes with ½-in. and higher slump. The model is Plant Mixer Manufacturers Division performance rated for a 30-second mix time in 4- to 6-in. slump material and 4-in. slump or less paving loads.

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Void Former

The single-use void former was developed by Dayton Superior as a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to the standard urethane void former. The new product uses standard lifting hardware and is available for both 0.444-in. and 0.671-in. P75 utility anchors, allowing the company to meet nearly all precaster needs. It can be used in both utility and architectural precast projects, and may also contribute to LEED credits.

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Dust Collector

Besser’s DCS-270 Shaker Baghouse, a new model in its line of dust collectors, handles 550 cfm of air volume with a 2.1 air-to-cloth ratio. The model features a 43.5-in.-diameter housing with a unique center column design. The shaker mechanism utilizes a maintenance-free, turbine vibrator that shakes the bags in an elliptic rotation around the collector’s center column. Bags in the DCS-270 undergo automatic cleaning cycles at pre-set time intervals based on production. Consistently timed cleaning cycles controlled by programmable logic circuitry extends bag life and reduces maintenance costs, according to the manufacturer.

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