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Clean Energy Fuels equips CNG fleet power-minded Schwarz Ready Mix

49 Schwarzii 150A in-house team of financing, engineering, construction, operations, and customer service specialists guide fleet owners through the diesel to natural gas truck power transition, targeting cost-efficient fueling solutions tailored to business needs and budgets. Through consulting, design, site work, infrastructure installation and equipment commissioning services, Clean Energy staff can develop a scalable station plan addressing current and future fleet needs. It typically covers all aspects of a project, from site analysis and customized station design to modifying natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities.


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McNeilus launches comprehensive inspection program for CNG-powered fleets

48 Ngeni 150Through its extensive service center network, mobile service fleet and certified technician pool, McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. is offering NFPA 52 and NHTSA FMVSS 304 compliance review, plus related inspection services for vehicle running on compressed natural gas.

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Steel reinforcing fibers: Micro Rebar

97 Helixi 150Product developers characterize Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar Concrete Reinforcement System as the only code approved material of its kind engineers can confidently specify as a replacement for primary structural reinforcing. Micro-Rebar are .5-mm diameter, 25-mm (1-in.) long fibers of twisted, high tensile (246 ksi), zinc-coated steel wire, dosed at 9 lb. to 70 lb. per cubic yard of concrete. Each pound of product has about 11,500 fibers.


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Video surveillance

97 Camera 150Less than 2 in. high, the new IKS-WD6112 HD is an ultra low-profile IP dome camera designed for indoor video surveillance that reduces IP infrastructure costs and complexity, while retaining a stylish and discreet appearance.


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Building enclosures

96 Clear 150Company has added the Metal Building series to its line tension fabric structures for plant or storage enclosure solutions. It offers steel side walls with the integrity of the company’s Hercules Truss Arch frame. Since there are no internal support posts, the building allows for maximum usable space. The metal building is design-built to any need and can be engineered to meet any required building codes or snow/wind loads.


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