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Cribbing, outrigger blocks

Slot Lock cribbing blocks join company’s ProStack Cribbing product line. They are designed to provide height and fill gaps under equipment outriggers such as those supporting concrete pump trucks. Weighing under 30 lbs. each, the blocks stack and lock together, giving users the ability to safely gain needed cribbing height in unlevel conditions. Molded hand grips enable one person to carry and position blocks, even when wearing gloves.

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Photoluminescent anti-slip stair nosing

A two-stage assembly with Niteglow treads suits exit path markings, steps and the leading edge of landings when finding pathways in the dark is a necessity. Niteglow complies with 2015 International Fire Code provisions, meets NYC Local Law 26 and 2015 IBC guidelines, and is applicable to new or retrofit interior stair applications. Heat-treated corrosion resistant aluminum substrate and a nearly diamond-hard aluminum oxide filler assure long tread life under heavy pedestrian traffic. Bright, long-lasting photoluminescent epoxy filler is free of hazardous substances and extends uniformly throughout the filler. High aluminum oxide abrasive content provides traction and long service life.

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Troy Vines delivers performance mixes for wastewater treatment plant

The December 2019 opening of the new Midland, Texas, sewage treatment plant highlighted the success of a public/private partnership. In 2017, the City of Midland agreed to let Pioneer Resources build the facility in return for a long-term supply of reclaimed water for use in the company’s oil and gas development activities in the region.

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Finisher, mason-grade footwear

Available in 6- and 8-in. versions, the steel toe Reinforcer has joined the Iron Age Footwear line as a “durable, all-day, all-situation work boot that stands fast in a wide range of environments—the jobsite, the home front, and anywhere in between.”

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Conveyor motion control

The new Model MSD-800 series motion sensing controls protect indoor and outdoor rotating equipment such as screw conveyors, belt conveyor pulleys, rotary feeders and bucket elevators from costly damage by continuously monitoring rotary speed. They alert the operator of a change in speed by sending a signal to the control unit, which can be used to sound an alarm and/or shut down the equipment completely. By monitoring speed, plant operators can greatly reduce system and equipment downtime by fixing malfunctions such as broken drive gears or belts, over-worked motors, belt overload and other problems before serious damage occurs.

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