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Premium natural stone

Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, Premium natural stoneA Miami-based importer and distributor of fine travertine, marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, limestone, coral and unique stones, has added a high-end Italian line, Salvatori, which transforms ancient materials like marble and natural stone into contemporary building solutions and has been specified on iconic projects worldwide.

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Stretch wrapper

Octopus “C” automatic rotary ring stretch wrapperThe Octopus “C” automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper is an economical solution for pallets in a variety of applications. Its aluminum frame structure further provides dependable construction with minimal maintenance required.

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Concrete removal agent

An eco-friendly formulation, Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra Spatter Protection is a proprietary mixture of corrosion inhibitors and non-stick polymers that are applied to equipment surfaces exposed to concrete spatter. Regular use of Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra keeps equipment clean and free from build-up. This prevents rework while retaining the surface quality, thus protecting the equipment—ultimately saving cleaning time, extending product service life, and preventing potential malfunctions.

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Bagging line dust control

Auburn Systems, Bagging line dust controlTRIBO.dsp U3000 series of electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) bag leak detectors, emission monitors and solids flow monitors effectively measure particulate and dust emissions, and dry solids flow.

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Robotic palletizer

Palletizer, Hamer SalesThe manufacturer had developed palletizing solutions for a variety of bagging applications following an integrator agreement for Motoman robotics with Yaskawa Co., a global leader in industrial robotic manufacturing. Hamer robotic palletizers feature high quality in-feed conveyors, designed specifically for industrial plant requirements, and are delivered on a design-build basis. 

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