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Air operated hoists

Neuhaus, Air operated hoists As a completion of the re-design project for its Profi range of air operated hoists, the company has announced the 75 TI and 100 TI models, offering SWL capacities of 75 and 100 tonnes, respectively. Existing products in the Profi range cover lift capacities from 250 kg up to a full 60 tonnes, ideally suited to engineering environments.

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Sealant knife

Bosch, Industrial Sealant KnifeIndustrial Sealant Knife is designed to speed up demanding projects by using the versatility and power of the multi-tool for what has traditionally been a hand-tool task. The knife uses a one-piece design and industrial-grade steel honed to a continuous cutting edge for maximum precision. This material and design combination gives the blade greater durability, even in harsh silicone and urethane removal jobs. 

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Temporary power cord

Conntek PowercordCompany’s 50A Temporary Generator Power Cord offers a straight-blade to a locking connector, the locking feature enabled with a turn of the collar. Once locked, the cord won’t detach from a second
cable or power distribution unit until the collar is twisted to its original position. The heavy-duty cord withstands harsh environments; thick and durable, it is designed for use with generators in a variety of applications, and available in four 15- to 50-ft. lengths. 

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High strength grout

High strength grout, ChemMasters, Inc.Gorilla Grout Enhanced Strength Grout suits high compressive strength applications without the “creep” associated with epoxy grout formulations. Plastic and flowable compressive strengths exceed 10,000 psi at 28 days (ASTM C 109 2-in. cube test), notes the manufacturer. The non-shrink, non-metallic construction grout features controlled expansion, meets ASTM standards C 1107 and CRD-C621, and can be specified for high tolerance placements that require maximum load bearing capacity. The grout can be placed with standard equipment even at high fluid consistency. 

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Rebar safety cap

The PC110 Suprotek Impalement Safety Cap minimizes risks on the jobsite and is compliant with OSHA requirement 344.90 and has the CALOSHA C-1730-AG approval. In addition to providing increased jobsite safety, the design reduces the need to have different size safety caps to fit varying sizes of rebar. The new PC110 cap fits sizes #3 (10 mm) to #11 (36 mm) rebar. Its dual color design enhances the readability of OSHA-required information.

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