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40 Cougariii 150Cougar Concrete Form Vibrators utilize Class H windings and a rigid alloy frame to withstand maximum force output levels for longer sustained periods. The units’ external bolt patterns are compatible with conventional form brackets, creating a secure fit that allows the concrete to settle quickly for even distribution without air pockets.


Hydronix Ltd. has re-engineered its digital moisture sensors to take advantage of increased microprocessor speeds and memory, and released a new Hydro-Com sensor calibration and configuration software version. The latter is based on a client-server framework and supports multi-company, multi-site sensor locations simplifying enterprise wide solutions.


43 Voelleri 150The Precast Show 2015 saw Voeller Mixers unveil the latest addition to its Planetary Mixer series: a 3-yd. model powered by a single, 125-hp motor. It joins 1-, 4- and 5-yd. models, each designed with a) motors at the base of the vessel to eliminate headroom requirements and suit hard to fit batch plant conditions; and b) v-belt drive transmission, a signature component of the manufacturer’s Cyclo Mixer pan models.


44 Skakoi 150Skako Concrete continues North American market integration of its Danish parent company’s seven-model Atlantis planetary mixer (AM) line. Premiering at last month’s Precast Show in Orlando, the 4-yd. 3750 joins five smaller models currently available—the AM 750 to 3000—to be followed by the 5-yd. 4500 later this year.


42 ACRI 150Concrete maturity can be determined by profiling temperature within the hardening. This benefits the project in both quality and speed of construction as adequate hydration can be determined and forms/shoring removed once target strength development is confirmed. The challenge is making sure that the temperature data is accurate and reliable, especially in the minds of engineers, quality control representatives and owner representatives who are responsible for finished slabs and structures.