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Energy-efficient pump

59 Wilden 150The new PS20 102-mm (4-in.) Original Metal AODD Pump equipped with the energy-efficient Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System has a clamped configuration for ease of maintenance, diaphragm replacement and cleaning. The Pro-Flo SHIFT’s air control spool automatically restricts the amount of air going into the pump during the latter part of each stroke, which eliminates chamber over-filling and lowers power consumption.


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Utility mount air compressor

59 Doosan 150With 185-cfm free-air delivery and 100-psi rated operating pressure, the P185WDOU offers the power to meet a variety of applications, including powering handheld air tools, sandblasting, cable laying, pipeline testing and paint striping. The above deck portability provides towing capacity for larger machinery. The utility mount P185 compressor offers easy access to all major service points, and is equipped with full-sized, locking end doors that speed fluid level and filter inspection, plus quick access to the battery and spin-on oil separator.


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Heavy tool lanyard

47 Werneri 150A new 15-lb. Tool Lanyard joins company’s fall protection program. It was developed to protect property and crews, while augmenting productivity by ensuring high frequency tools are close at hand.


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Terex machines a true 10-yard mixer

57 Terex 150With its 33.8-ft. front axle to tag axle span and 11-yd. drum, the Terex FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer offers a full 10-yd. capacity, while meeting the strict Federal Bridge Formula standard. It gives producers in Bridge Formula-bound states the ability to cross highway and interstate bridges with the FDB7000 carrying its maximum payload.


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Diamond blades

47 Bladeb 150The 14-in. STS-6 Multi-Application Diamond Blade features manufacturer’s third generation patterned diamond technology, which evenly aligns diamonds into rows within the blade’s segment. Precise alignment ensures the maximum amount of diamonds contacting the cutting surface at any given moment, product engineers note, netting a blade with consistent segment wear rate and approximately 30 percent more footage versus comparable blades.


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