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46 Nordi 150Product engineers cite a compact, economical alternative to traditional screw conveyor drives: Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts or guards. Minimizing parts and eliminating the belted input systems ease maintenance, while drive performance. Screw conveyor drive options feature a Unicase reducer housing, Quadrilip reducer shaft sealing and high capacity output bearings with CEMA standard flange mounting and CEMA drive shafts ranging from 1.5 in. to 3-7/16 in.


51 Thorii 150Extruded Aluminum Magnetic Rails for Double Tee decks from Thorkast Concrete Casting Solutions offer straight, precise and streamlined, or complex profiles with corner chamfer and draft angles to eliminate extra parts or weld joints.


48 Poweri 150Power Adhesives’ new tec 3400, an eco-friendly, 1.75-in. glue gun, features digital controls to offer users enhanced functional and temperature settings over prior models. With patented Ecotec technology, development of new plug-in modules allows the gun to be set to different temperatures from 260° to 420° F, whereby they can maximize adhesives’ bonding strength and minimize substrate damage.


50 Pearson 150Pearson Systems has announced new features and improvements for its line of concrete plant water heaters—all aimed at increasing performance and efficiency while minimizing operating costs. Exclusive to the tank series are a water make up system that incorporates both a digital flow meter and a manual flow valve, combining for precise control of make up volume; new, simplified, more rugged unit design that reduces failures and routine maintenance schedules, and can be delivered fully assembled to lower installation costs; and, standard burners sized up to 3.5 million Btu, allowing for high heat recovery in all sized tanks while minimizing unit footprint.

46 BIMi 150A fully-automated precast concrete wall production line, the EDGE offers high factory capacity, quality output and reduced operating costs through advanced technologies, optimized fabrication plan, carefully designed processes, and individually tailored solutions.