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Remote controlled dowel drilling

Wireless remote control increases efficiency and safety for concrete dowel-pin drilling applications, company officials note, citing patent-pending technology to improve jobsite conditions by affording operator better vantage point for more accurate placement. By removing the operator from the drilling unit, the wireless remote control allows workers to avoid harmful dust and debris. Furthermore, the operator also has a broader viewpoint for avoiding obstacles, equipment, and other workers on the job site, and thus minimizing risk on site. — 

Bulletin emphasizes static electricity with ULSD risks during refueling

“ULSD … Not Your Same Old Diesel Fuel Anymore” is a new best practices guidance bulletin from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers that warns of the greater static electricity ignition hazards associated with use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).

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First aid for cuts

WoundSeal is a topical powder that stops external bleeding through the creation of an instant, protective and waterproof scab. Suited to the jobsite, the easy-to-use powder enables injured workers to effectively treat their own wound in order to return to duties.

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Hydraulic cylinder actuators

The self-contained Electronic Advanced Sub-system—Integrated (EAS-i) Actuator—is available on a wide range of cylinder types, and has been designed to locally control the motion of the cylinder or a group of cylinders to perform a programmed function and respond to an input.

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Automatic bearing lubrication

System 24 LAGD Series single-point automatic lubricators are “hands-off” solutions that deliver the proper pre-set amount of lubricant needed for bearings in machinery across industries. The gas-driven feed versions are engineered to perform reliably on a 24-hour basis without manual intervention and can resolve issues typically associated with hard-to-access or potentially hazardous lubrication points. Ultimately, they optimize the accuracy, reliability, and cleanliness of lubricant delivery, product engineers contend, contributing to increased uptime of assets, reduced maintenance, and favorable environmental impact.

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