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Twin Shaft Mixers

A round up of high-performance plant mixers known for their quick cycle times and potential to lower mix designs’ cement dosages thanks to high energy operating mode.

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Precast clamp

Based in the United Kingdom and represented in North America by Lift-Tek, B&B Attachments has developed the Beam Grab, a forklift attachment with optional lifting hooks and rubber pad gripper. The device is designed to pick up a range of different sized elements. A universal crane mounting plate enables the attachment to suit various adaptors; quick release couplings ease the switch to alternative attachments when required.

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Silo fluidizers

The 2-in. (50mm) diameter Mini Fluidizer disk fits in pipes, chambers, chutes and small hoppers to enhance powder and dry bulk material flow in pneumatic conveying systems. Compact size equips the Mini disk to fit curvatures as small as 4 in. In most all applications, the company’s Fluidizers prevent bridging, rat holing and material hang-ups.

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Safety headset automates noise attenuation

The 3M Pelot series includes the ProTac III Headset, geared for environments where workers are exposed to loud or sharp noises, but need to hear warning signals, alarms, or other sounds in machines and processes. It monitors the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts the amount of attenuation when hazardous noises are present.

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Portable mixing unit suits block fill, shotcrete production

Mason Mate is designed primarily for high-rise block fill jobs, along with concrete repair and mining or tunneling shotcrete applications. It features the Blastcrete D3522, 2-in. hydraulic squeeze pump plus high-shear continuous mixer for increased speed, shorter mixing cycle and up to 6-yd./hour output. The unit is capable of pumping 3/8-in. aggregate mixes at 450 psi. A 1,000-lb. capacity bag lifter is optional.

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