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Trimble streamlines concrete pipe-grade lasers

Trimble Construction Tools recently announced the Spectra Precision DG613 and DG813 pipe lasers, a new generation of DialGrade models for gravity flow pipe lines. The new lasers are smaller in length than their predecessors, the DG511 and DG711, a feature especially helpful when setting up the units in manholes with precast inverts and tight radii. Both models are fully self-leveling over their entire grade range of -12 to +40 percent. The cross axis is also fully compensated, providing quick set up and ensuring the laser will be level without having to manually rotate it in the invert.

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Stone adhesive goes vertical

Vertical Instant Lock is designed to securely affix stone and other hardscape materials to vertical surfaces in under five seconds. For many projects, product developers note, it can eliminate the need for bracing and mortar.

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USDA certifies Cresset architectural form release agent

Cresset Chemical Co. has attained U.S. Department of Agriculture Biobased Product certification for its Crete-Lease Bio-Tru ALL-Xtra with Poly-Release agent, becoming one of the first concrete-grade products to carry such labeling. Bio-Tru ALL-Xtra is a chemically active, non-staining, product that breaks cleanly from all form types and delivers high-impact visual results for architectural surfaces.

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Onsite wastewater treatment spurs opportunities for precasters

Cast across North America by local precasters, and integrated into standard size septic tanks, Premier Tech Aqua’s Ecoflo Coco Biofilter is widely recognized as an ecological and durable compact filter for onsite wastewater treatment systems. By combining their concrete fabrication expertise with Ecoflo developer Premier Tech, precast producers have gained a stronger foothold in the residential market by giving a new purpose to their existing tanks. Compact, easy-to-install and lift, the filter’s modular design can also be scaled to fit most types of commercial applications.

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