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39 Elematici 150Following early deliveries to precast producers in its home base and other European countries, Finland’s Elematic Oy Ab is expanding availability of the E9-16-5a lifting beam to the North American market via Elematic Inc.


52 ReConi 150Short for “Returned Concrete, Zero Impact on the Environment,” Mapei’s Re-Con Zero kit effects a seven-minute agglomeration and hardening process to convert mixer drums’ leftover concrete to semi-spherical aggregates—recyclable as they are for base or re-used as new concrete aggregate.

50 GHi 150Extending its charter Dispatch, Truck Tracking and Financials suite beyond the desktop, GivenHansco premiered the Keystone On-Demand Mobile App at World of Concrete 2015. Designed and written in-house, and compatible with most Apple and Android devices, it provides ready mixed concrete sales personnel, plant managers and owners live business intelligence.


51 ConTechii 150Con-Tech Manufacturing returned to this year’s World of Concrete with additional refinements to its High Performance Drum, including EcoFin.


48 Fortransi 150
Company’s new line of carbon dioxide-based pH control systems features the non-fouling high efficiency Dif-Jet gas injector. The technology combines patented gas injectors that transfer C0₂ into water to produce carbonic acid. The injectors have 90 percent-plus efficiency and are installed on distribution and flow designs for easy control and mixing. Side stream injection is also available.