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Five-seat utility vehicles

The gasoline-powered CUV85 and diesel-powered CUV105 D join the inaugural Caterpillar utility vehicles (UTV), the CUV82 and CUV 102 D, introduced in 2017. The CUV85 and CUV105 D feature a spacious second row to accommodate a total of five people, rugged steel cargo bed, plus 1,000-lb. rear cargo and 2,000-lb. towing capacities.

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Water-based flatwork, paver sealer

Decra-Seal Natural is a non-film forming, penetrating water repellent that chemically bonds to the substrate to help increase the service life of vertical or horizontal cast-in-place concrete surfaces or slabs; hardscape units; and, porous manufactured or quarried stone. It offers a long-lasting, non-yellowing matte finish along with sealing benefits.

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Portable 850-lb. crane

The new First Mate davit can lift up to 850 lbs., a 350-lb. boost over the previous model, and can be configured with a spur or worm gear hand winch for short, less frequent lifts, or power winch for longer, more frequent lifts.

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Hoist, crane radio remote control

Company has expanded remote control capabilities for its line of cranes, trolleys and air or monorail hoists. The RC-S, RC-SP and RC-X models have a transmitter and receiver; each can be integrated with existing equipment or combined with a new JDN hoist.

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Conveyor skirtboard clamp

The model SC-4 clamp is commonly used to keep skirtboard rubber in place on the conveyor loading zone or transfer point. The low-cost component allows for easy installation and adjustment of the rubber skirting, in turn keeping more material on the belt while reducing spillage volume and clean up time.

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