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Dust-wise ribbon blender

Model HD-3.5-9-SS features an integral bag dump station that collects dust generated during manual mixer charging. Particles are drawn onto cartridge filters of the dust collector as nozzles within each filter alternately emit short blasts of air on a timed cycle.

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16.5-in. arrayed diamond blades

Q-Drive 16.5-in. Hard-Brick and Hard Concrete blades incorporate the latest in diamond tool technology, bearing what product engineers describe as an ideal ratio of diamond to metal powder concentration. Optimized for strenuous work environments, the blades deliver faster and more consistent cutting speeds. When one row of diamonds begins to wear out, a second row behind it is ready to begin cutting.

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Chemical-resistant precast liner

Patented XR Quikliner technology allows precasters to offer agencies, engineers, specifiers and private market customers the proven strength and durability of concrete and chemical resistance of plastic.

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Equipment strain sensor

The new ESR digital strain sensor monitors structural health on equipment, couples with an encoder using the digital interface EnDat, and offers high signal quality, accuracy and robustness. Users mount the ESR sensor on any flat surface where load or mechanical forces apply to a body. Applications include cranes, conveyor belts, bridges, or other equipment or structures where a load or force needs to be monitored on a mechanical structure.

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30-in. edger trowel

The new PRO430E features a unique rotating edge ring that suits troweling along the edges of walls or around protruding pipe and conduit, and fits between the manufacturer’s 24-in. VP424 and 36-in. PRO436E edger models.

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