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Nano-scale mineral admixture, microfiber blend

Company bills Juno as a revolutionary alternative binder, based on advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology, to improve the performance of concrete at the microscopic level. The proprietary mineral admixture is composed of matrix-toughening mechanisms induced by mix design, plus a microscopic matrix of fibers than can be customized to specific applications.

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Portable washout pit

The 3.5-yd., 750-gal. capacity Alpha Dog has joined the Porta-Pit series of concrete mixer or pump truck washout containment vessels. The main body is constructed of industrial strength, cross-linked polyethylene plastic—five times stronger than conventional polypropylene sheet and resistant to concrete mix or cement slurry build up.

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Plant lighting retrofit kit

The ThoroLED Universal Voltage Highbay Retrofit Kit holds UL classification for field installations; UL approval to list as a retrofit luminaire for renovation projects; and, is a DesignLights Consortium-qualified system under Retrofit and Luminaire, which makes utility rebates more accessible.

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Compressed-air dryer

Citing concrete producers’ limited options for eliminating moisture from compressed air lines, the manufacturer presents D Series single tower deliquescent dryers as easy to maintain and operating without moving parts or power requirements. Air delivered to plant equipment exhibits a dew point 20°F below that of the air temperature at dryer inlet. As long as the air temperature down stream of the dryers remains above the dew point provided, plant operators will observe no liquid or freeze-ups.

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Concrete levels

Available in 24-, 48- and 72-in. sizes, Redstick levels offer what product engineers call an industry first: A 3-in-1 solution for a variety of slab screeding and smoothing applications with a magnesium base and overall design that is easy to clean.

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