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Corrosion inhibitor-dosed structural repair mortars

Migrating corrosion inhibitors have been added to the single-component ChemSpeed 75 and ChemSpeed 75 ES (Extended Set) mortars, each suiting 0.50-in. thick to full depth structural slab, bridge or parking deck, column, beam and pavement repairs.

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Modbus large digital display

The new DPM-300 scanner monitors and displays material levels from a variety of BinMaster sensors via a super-large, superluminous, six-character LED readout housed in a durable enclosure. It can communicate with any Modbus-enabled sensors, functioning as a Modbus RTU master, slave, or snooper. Additionally, the device includes two independently programmable analog process input channels for a total monitoring capability of up to 16 process variables—enabling the DPM-300 to display real-time data that makes it easy for users to measure, monitor and control multiple vessels.

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Mobile-crane control

Company’s qSCALE maestro LMI upgrades the DS150G, DS350G/GW and legacy maestro systems, offering what programmers note is a flexible design that converts existing software without the need for re-calibration. It features a 4.3-in. color screen displaying actual and allowable mobile crane load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius; integrated light-bar and event recorder; and, the option of an external light-tower. With an IP 66/67 rating, the console can be mounted either inside or outside of the crane cab.

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Tier 4 engine speeds, raises Tuckerbilt mix discharge

The new Tuckerbilt T-644 Concrete Transport Vehicle moves a 6-yd. payload 50 percent faster and 2 feet higher than previous models, owing to the JCB EcoMax 320/50704 Stage IV/Tier 4 engine supplied by Mastry Engine Center.

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Lift truck fork protection, wear indicator

Fork Shields are designed to protect the most vulnerable part of the forklift fork from nicks, gouging, accidental damage and resulting stress cracks. By using the easily mountable protection devices, product engineers contend, equipment last significantly longer and is protected against costly, early replacement. Sold in pairs, Fork Shields are available in three sizes depending on fork width and thickness.

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