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Safety Software

Users of SafetyNet, a technology predicting workplace injuries, now have access to additional features that help them keep workers safer through the version 9.0.

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Swivel Trolley Hoist

Company cites improvements in its Model SU Monorail Hoist (for curved girders) line for smoother, more reliable performance. Guide rollers have been added to ensure positive alignment and travel along the curve, and are fully adjustable for a variety of flange widths via stack washer assemblies. The Model SU features compact, close headroom design, and capacities to 15 tons, or larger for special applications. Also available for wide flange or “S” beams. — EMH Inc., 

Magnetic board safety diagram

HurtSpot developers credit the effectiveness of their magnetic board to an ability to relate the consequences of unsafe workplace action. “The name ‘HurtSpot’ is descriptive, it identifies parts of the body where injuries occur,” says spokesman Christian Krapf. “When you see the red line pointing to the head you can almost feel the pain. Big magnetic numbers flag injury count for each body part and call attention to accident patterns. Optional built-in T-Cards detail accidents for each body part for study and preventive action. The board is also available with custom printing.”

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Electronic onboard recorder

The VDO RoadLog EOBR offers an all-in-one solution for daily log book and other compliance reporting, allowing drivers to record and report hours of service (HOS) as well as other key compliance data quickly and easily. A complete regulatory compliance system, it can help fleets and drivers protect their CSA scores and qualify for lower insurance rates.

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