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Diamond Coring

Simple to understand, and easy to use, the DD 150-U Diamond Coring System allows the operator to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions. The new DD 150-U has a 6 in. capacity for drilling the most popular sizes of holes for anchoring, blind holes and through holes. This system can handle a variety of base materials from concrete and reinforced concrete to brick, concrete block and natural stone.

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Fall protection system

The new LinkedPro fall prevention track is the first fall protection system on the market that can be used to attach multiple lines to a single anchor point, notes manufacturer XSPlatforms. The unique modular system makes it possible for several workers to safely pass each other on the same system or to create several routes from the same starting point.

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Conveyor bearings

A unique SKF Three-Barrier Solution for conveyor applications that are exposed to extremely harsh conditions introduces environmentally friendly products designed to increase bearing reliability and extend service life without the use of solid lubricants, auxiliary seals, or large quantities of grease. This solution ideally suits operations in the mining, cement and aggregates industries.

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Prestress Supply adds digital gauge

A digital gauge option for Hercules stressing jacks is accurate, rugged, and built to withstand the harsh environment of a prestressing yard, according to Prestress Supply. Unlike analog gauges, the digital gauge cannot be shock loaded out of calibration.

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Safety eyewear

Honeywell Safety Products launched Uvex Bayonet safety eyewear, which combines high-performance protection with comfortable, sport-inspired styling. The unique design of the eyewear provides substantial coverage and unobstructed vision for excellent impact protection and performance.

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