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Epoxy primer inhibits moisture vapor emissions

Series 208 Epoxoprime MVT is a two-component, clear agent with low viscosity to penetrate and adhere to new and existing concrete slabs. Series 208 is specially formulated to resist high pH and help protect the bond line between the floor topping system and concrete surface.

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Acrylic concrete, block wall coatings

Elastocolor is company’s latest Concrete Restoration Systems category extension, encompassing professional, ready-to-use, water-based, 100-percent acrylic formulations for above-grade exterior/interior concrete, masonry, and exterior insulation and finish systems.

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Retractable heavy-tool tether

The low profile of the new Gear Keeper RT3-5605 keeps stored tools close to the body and allows full accessibility when in use. Its retractor employs a low, 7-ounce force to avoid arm strain when extended, but strong enough to keep the line taught to avoid snagging or interference with work being performed. When the tool is retracted, lanyard exposure is minimized to avoid snagging.

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High-frequency vibrator

The AHFV22 equips concrete professionals with what product engineers note is a powerful, compact and efficient solution for better mix consolidation in most applications. Its Intelli-Vibe feature utilizes internal sensors to control vibration in response to concrete slump variations and rebar blockage. This ensures consistent high centrifugal force, stable speed and high amplitude for professionally finished concrete. A built-in frequency converter enables users to turn to a regular wall socket versus a generator or invertor. Allen Engineering Corp., Paragould, Ark., 870/236-7751;

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Hard hat cradle design, adjustment mechanisms impart custom comfort

The North Zone features patented suspension, multiple adjustment points and a rear cradle geared to fit everyone’s comfort zone. Its ability to fit the vast majority of head sizes directly supports worker safety, product developers contend, as a comfortable hard hat will remain where it belongs.

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