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Vertical Instant Lock is designed to securely affix stone and other hardscape materials to vertical surfaces in under five seconds. For many projects, product developers note, it can eliminate the need for bracing and mortar.

Cast across North America by local precasters, and integrated into standard size septic tanks, Premier Tech Aqua’s Ecoflo Coco Biofilter is widely recognized as an ecological and durable compact filter for onsite wastewater treatment systems. By combining their concrete fabrication expertise with Ecoflo developer Premier Tech, precast producers have gained a stronger foothold in the residential market by giving a new purpose to their existing tanks. Compact, easy-to-install and lift, the filter’s modular design can also be scaled to fit most types of commercial applications.

Shuttlelift recently delivered a 50-ton Single Beam gantry crane to Tri-Kon Precast Products Ltd., which needed a solution to simplify the lifting process and safely navigate a 12 percent grade between the lower and upper half of its western Canadian operation. The Cranbrook, B.C., producer’s former transfer method was complex and required the hiring of outside sources to handle product multiple times.

From exposure assessments to respirator selection to fit testing, a written respiratory protection program has multiple requirements companies must meet. To help health and safety managers find the resources they need to develop and implement a successful, Occupational Safety and Health Administration-compliant program, 3M Personal Safety Division has announced the online Center for Respiratory Protection.

The Aggrameter T-T-100 taps the latest microwave and microprocessor offerings to measure moisture content in various fine and coarse-grained materials. Probe prongs are inserted into the material and moisture content percentage is instantaneously shown on the easy to read display. An average of five to 10 readings is normally taken in order to ensure a valid measurement. The output is converted by the integrated microprocessor and the moisture content displayed directly as a percentage of dry weight.