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Block, precast handling attachments

The B&B BlockMaster J200R is an overhead block clamp for handling stock and specialty manufactured concrete, especially units requiring rotation in a particular way. Rated at 4,500 lbs., it has an extended operational load center of 48 in. to help place products at optimal trailer points. The heavy-duty rotation system ensures that precast or block can be lifted and loaded correctly. The inside height of up to 40 in. allows multiple packs of block or precast units. The B&B LS1 load stabilizer is designed specifically for green product transfer. It allows products to be safely and securely handled both during and after the curing process.

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Kraft Systems thinks granular for premium paver protection

Kraft Systems’ new T-Rex Granulat Dispenser distributes rectangular or disc-shaped low density polyethylene plastic bits across paving stone production pallets. A surface protection alternative to netting products, the plastic granulates prevent layer-to-layer contact, eliminating the potential for scratches and abrasion. The mechanically flexible LDPE bits act like a rubber mat to effectively secure finished product and curtail movement or skipping.

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Peri mills block and paver production pallets

A key player in cast-in-place concrete construction, Peri Formwork Systems has added to its North American market offerings a namesake unit masonry production pallet. Peri Pave boards are available in sizes to 1,500 x 3,600 mm and 24- to 53-cm thicknesses, and weigh about 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively, of plastic or steel pallets of comparable load-bearing capacity. They feature multiplex cores produced through cross-bonding of premium birch veneers, and exhibit high bending stiffness and low deflection in the face of constant compaction stresses.

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Masa face mix filling box

Masa USA arrived at the Icon Expo 2018 – Machinery & Equipment Show in Indianapolis with a new filling box for its XL-Series concrete block and paver machines.

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Crane-mounted camera

Developer of HoistCam remote camera monitoring systems announces the Low Profile HC140 (Gen3) model for applications where camera mounting is critical for viewing the load. The design was achieved by relocating the camera connector so it attaches at the Video Transmission Box. With new 360-degree rotation, camera orientation can be directed to the exact perspective the operator requires. If the crane’s hook block is located 90 degrees to the left, for example, the lens can be oriented 90 degrees to the right so the view of the camera on the monitor is correct. Or, HC140 developers note, when mounted on other types of equipment, such as a rubber tire gantry or straddle carrier, it is possible to orient the camera for a view of the spreader bar pins.

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