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Besser integrates AMG box culvert equipment offerings

Since acquiring the AMG Rubber Gasketed Adjustable Box Culvert equipment more than a year ago, Besser Co. has been assisting precast producers across North America in lowering the costs and increasing the efficiency of box fabrication. The Besser/AMG equipment line provides ease of adjustment to seamlessly produce box culverts in a multitude of sizes, each exceeding market quality targets. The unique production method eliminates the need for continuous purchasing and storage of multiple, excess box forms.

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Tool tethers

New family of ergonomically constructed Super Coil anchored tool tethers are manufactured with a low-force polyurethane elastic core woven throughout the entire body of the webbing. The result is a device that creates an 18-ft. diameter working area but gently retracts to 42 inches.

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Polyurea coating

High-performance polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid coatings suit a variety of applications and include the fast-set Chemline Arc, which adheres well to concrete with the use of a primer. The spray applied, two-component polyurea contains 100 percent solids and zero volatile organic compounds. It is widely used in both the construction and contractor markets due to its physical properties and moisture resistance. Typical applications are wastewater basins, parking garages, foundations and water ponds.

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Gear-free motor drive roller

A brushless DC gearless motorized drive roller, the V24 brings torque and speed while eliminating the need for multiple gear ratios. The oil-free, gear-less MDR is of solid, single throughshaft construction, and available in black E-Coat finish or stainless steel for washdown applications. Gearless operation minimizes mechanical wear and allows for use in extreme temperatures.

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Truck trailer hopper opener

A railcar component specialist has engineered a lightweight, handheld and flexible device to open truck trailer hopper gates/traps safely and efficiently. The Door Demon HTO (Hopper Trailer Opener) features what engineers call an ideal combination of torque, speed and weight.

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