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Curing cover

Company rolled out TopCure, an advanced, seven-day cover that provides a controlled curing environment for slabs on grade, at World of Concrete 2018. It features a) a grit, anti-skid surface to keep workers from accidental slips and falls; b) proprietary Transhield white coating that reflects sunlight and helps control the temperature under the cover; c) hydrating pods to allow faster water absorption in the nonwoven material and concrete surface area; d) performance film composition with higher strength and better physical properties compared to equal weight covers.; and, e) a pH modifier fostering an optimal concrete curing climate.

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Aerial intelligence provider brings drone technology to concrete

Kespry, a leader in drone-enabled mapping and inventory management, demonstrated for concrete producers and their customers its aerial intelligence capabilities at World of Concrete 2018. As part of its global strategic alliance with John Deere that was announced last year, Kespry was featured at the manufacturer’s booth during the Las Vegas show.

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Split-silo measurement

Plant operators managing inventory in pie-shaped silo segments can deploy new firmware for the company’s 3DLevelScanner acoustic sensor. The 3DLevelScanner measures and models the topography of material contained in the wedges; the firmware then applies the measured distances to a 3D model of vessel dimensions and converts it to an accurate volume figure.

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Forklift attachment quick release

PowerMount equips lift truck operator to change from one hydraulic attachment to another in 90 seconds. System allows for the cycle to be completed without the need for an engineer, guaranteeing a fast, easy and safe engagement of forklift devices. Dedicated attachments can restrict use of a forklift truck to a few hours a day, the company contends, whereby owners effectively pay for equipment to sit idle for long periods.

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Bulk solids level indicator

Designed for high, intermediate or low point level detection, Dynatrol indicator has no moving parts and requires no adjustments, resulting in low operating costs.

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