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Weighing instrument

The FB6000 features a dynamic web interface that drastically reduces calibration and custom ticket formatting time over previous generations and competing technology, product engineers contend. The interface leads such recent upgrades as an expanded loop ID field; ability to update expansion cards using a USB drive or integrated web utility; new, easily configurable power supply; plus, features that improve functionality and ease of use. Additionally, the new digital power supply provides significantly enhanced diagnostic capabilities compared to traditional analog power supplies.

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Finger joint dovetails bridge, highway demands

The Wabo Trident Finger Joint System is designed and built to handle movements and rotation about all axes, as opposed to a standard alternative that is limited to longitudinal, and in some cases, vertical movements. Along with its unique ability to accommodate transverse movement, the system can also handle large movements, including seismic events, and restore its original position via internal torsional spring components. The advanced system design also allows the Wabo Trident to be installed quickly with minimal downtime and lane closures.

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Extended life oil filter

Upgraded LFP9001XL oil filter is designed for the widely spec’ed Cummins ISX engine. The XL (Extended Life) version features a 100 percent synthetic filter media that keeps oil flowing smoothly while delivering enhanced filter efficiency over a longer time period. XL filters can help reduce the frequency replacements and increase vehicle uptime while reducing total service and filter spend.

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High performance pipe machinery

The Prinzing-Pfeiffer Radial Press RP Concrete Pipe Machine manufactures product up to 2,500 mm (8.33 ft.) diameter in lengths to 6,000 mm (20 ft.). Among key features:

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