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Pile alignment tool

68-IN-PileIII-150Company has announced a noncorrosive, plastic centralizer version of its steel “OS2” model, suited to micro or auger cast piles, drilled shafts, caissons or tower footings. The two-part system locks together in seconds, and then is installed onto the vertical reinforcing bar with wire or plastic zip-ties. The plastic version has debuted in 11- and 15-in. (outside) diameter, covering most common sizes of auger piles and drilled shafts, while fitting through most cages if needed. The open sided or offset design falls into place quickly on a single reinforcing bar or threaded rod, and is engineered for #7 or #11 bar with a ¼-in. off-center variance.


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Collector technology boosts daylighting for standard, high bay plant conditions

66-IN-SolatubeIII-150To address traditional skylights’ limitations for large space daylighting, the company has developed collector technology extending its high output SkyVault Series line. SkyVault Series M74 DS with Collector is the first commercial daylighting system to employ a specially-designed vertical lens that boosts light output under marginal conditions.


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Heavy-duty bulk packaging

64-IN-FlexiconI-150Ultra-Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filling System palletizes and fills bags with aggregates, abrasive minerals, dry chemical additives and other difficult-to-handle materials. It integrates a Swing-Down Bulk Bag Filler with the manufacturer’s Pallet Dispenser and Powered Chain Conveyor, allowing safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes, including those with wide-diameter spouts for passage of irregular materials. The Swing-Down Fill Head (bottom) with wide-diameter spout seal allows safe, rapid connection of larger bag spouts for material passage.

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Screw conveyor systems equal to extreme duty

65-IN-NBE-150Citing a marketplace void for process-critical models, the manufacturer has introduced a line of flexible screw conveyors and hoppers designed for harsh applications and demanding environments.

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Vince Hagan machines ‘All’ Hydraulic Erect Batch Plant model

INNOV-VINCEHAGEN-150With an eye to eliminating the need for cranes on a concrete production site, Vince Hagan Co. has developed a new safety control feature that ensures level hydraulic raising and lowering of its portable dry mix or central mixed batch plant models. The self-erect power pack unit allows for a smooth set-up of all the plant components, typically over a four-hour window.

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