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80 CEIii 150The Fusion Hybrid-Process plant brings to ready mixed concrete production what CEI Enterprises characterizies as precision coarse-aggregate blending to curtail voids and enable mix designs of lower, more optimized cement dosages. A multi-bin blending unit at the plant’s core holds up to four grades of coarse aggregate in individual feeder bins. Each has its own conveyor to feed measured amounts of a certain aggregate onto a full-length collecting conveyor below.


78 Stephensi 150Stephens Mfg. is announcing at 2016 World of Concrete the Clydesdale Skid Base Self-Erecting Portable Decumulating Concrete Batch Plant, a heavy-duty model that can be deployed without a concrete foundation and installed by a standard load and gin pull in tandem with integral hydraulic devices—no crane required.

74 Haberi 150In partnership with Germany’s Habermann Materials, CAM Equipment Sales offers North American concrete producers Hawiflex polyurethane mixer blades and linings, plus aggregate handling/conveying wear parts. Hawiflex spans a group of elastomers based on various polyurethane raw materials and equal to harsh operating conditions.


76 Zonarb 150Truck and equipment telematics and transportation technology provider Zonar Systems bills the 2020 tablet as the key to compliance with a final rule mandating use of electronic logging devices (ELD) to complete paper records of duty status. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the rule in late 2015, setting the stage for a 2017 compliance deadline.


72 Proi 150ProAll International will arrive at World of Concrete 2016 with the Commander, a new control system elevating Reimer Mixer performance. For construction contractors and concrete producers, the manufacturer notes, volumetric mixers have long been a solution for quality, cost-effective, on-site mixing. All of the mix components—stone, sand, cement and water—are loaded into separate compartments on one truck, metered, and mixed into fresh concrete in a high-production auger for a fresh mix anywhere.