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65 ST 150Critical mixer cleaning system has been made more affordable by running washout heads in sequence, rather than in parallel, to reduce the volume of water required from the pump. Combined with reduced cost of the high-pressure washout heads due to the drop in the Euro, the company notes, system reconfiguration brings equipment cost within range of precasters and central mixed plant equipment operators.

64 Penetronii 150Highland, Calif.-based ProCast Products has completed casting of 30- x 5.5-ft. box culverts for the Woodside Avenue Flood Control project under the San Diego County Public Works. The culverts’ mix design included Penetron Admix, an integral crystalline waterproofing agent dosed at time of batching.


59 Fassii 150A continuous rotation crane with optional double motor reducer, the F545RA xe-dynamic is the final model in the manufacturer’s XE series, designed to complete the high capacity range between the F485RA xe-dynamic and the F560RA he-dynamic machines. The new model positions the company with a true 50-tonne/metre crane whose footprint is compact enough for installation on a three-axle chassis.


62 Karaia 150World of Concrete 2016 saw global launch of a blast-proof, crash-proof anti-terrorist barrier by United Kingdom-based RSG Structures Ltd. The modular, precast concrete KarablocK system can be quickly assembled to form a durable and effective security barrier around strategic locations, such as convention centers, airports and industrial plants. Aesthetically, a range of plant finishes can make the system suited to a range of high profile applications where appearance counts, most notably government buildings and premier hotels.

42 Bridgeia 150A 60 Minutes broadcast segment, “Falling Apart,” explains that “America’s roads, bridges, airports and rail lines are outdated and need to be fixed” due to decades of neglect … nearly 70,000 bridges in America—one out of every nine—is now considered to be structurally deficient.” According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, segment editors noted, “32 percent of the major roads in America are now in poor condition and in need of major repairs.”