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Cordless tool ties up to #10 rebar

The TwinTier RB611T is reportedly the first battery powered tool in its class with the ability to tie #9 x #10 rebar. TwinTier technology’s special attributes include faster tying speed, which further increases productivity; reduced wire consumption, increasing cost savings; and, for end-users, a wire tie that is shorter in height, requiring less concrete to fully cover it.



The TwinTier simultaneously shoots two 19-gal. wires around rebar intersections, wrapping once to form a tie equivalent to the strength of a hand snap tie. The TwinTier uses TW1061T series tie wire, available in black, poly coated, electro galvanized, stainless and Buy America steel options. The tool’s 4.0-amp lithium ion battery will complete approximately 4,000 ties before needing to be recharged.

The TwinTier RB611T’s large jaw allows users to tie #5 x #5 up to #9 x #10 rebar (varying by manufacturer). Its enclosed design offers greater protection against debris and moisture entering the tool. Like other MAX rebar tying tools, the simple operation of the TwinTier helps reduce muscular skeletal injuries when compared to manual alternatives—a position supported by NIOSH HEATA #2003-0146-2976 and the Canadian Safety Association of Ontario Final Report WSIB Grant #01023. MAX USA Corp., Plainview, N.Y., 800/223-4293;