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Road King Technologies mobilizes electronic ticketing

Road King Technologies mobilizes electronic ticketingCloud-based information technology developer has added E-Ticket to mixer fleet-suited management and GPS tracking systems. The program, Road King Technologies officials note, replaces paper delivery tickets; saves an average of three to five minutes of driver’s time; automatically logs site arrival plus mix discharge start and completion times; and, captures signatures on pdf documents, automatically forwarded to designated e-mail accounts.

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Onboard or plant-based equipment automates slump, mix adjustments

Toronto’s CBM is the premier SensoCrete user, with 27 trucks running the technology. The Concrete Optimizer package includes a cab-mounted computer that receives the load’s slump measurements from drum mounted probe; an external control with bright red readout; and, a meter mounted at the rear of mixer.Quebec-based SensoCrete has developed plant and onboard equipment solutions to automate water and admixture additions to ready mixed concrete loads following trucks’ departure from charging alleys. Anchoring the technology is the Concrete Optimizer, which SensoCrete developers call “drivers’ personal assistant,” as it measures mix slump, recommends adjustments to align mix properties with specifications, and controls liquid additions to the load. A drum-mounted gauge relays mix slump, volume, and uniformity readings to an onboard computer, along with drum revolution count. The screen shows drivers measured versus targeted mix properties, slump tracked within ½-in. accuracy.

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Hyster Co.

Hyster Co.A new mobile app featuring a lift truck product selector tool, detailed information on Hyster models and a dealer locator function. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices through iTunes and the Android Google Play Store. Along with a product selector to help customers choose the best product for their application, the app includes detailed information, technical guides, images and brochures on each Hyster lift truck model, as well as videos and brochures on the Hyster product line categories, components and other equipment features.

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Cladding integrates thin brick, ventilated rainscreen assembly

Corium Cladding SystemTelling Architectural Systems recently launched the Corium Cladding System, a fully engineered façade that combines brick units with cost-effective fast-track installation. The company is the exclusive North American representative for a product available in Europe for more than a decade. “Using high-density, high-compressive strength and frost-resistant bricks with steel backing trays, Corium moves traditional stacked brick into high performance brick veneers,” says Telling Vice President Steven Collins. “Full rainscreen, back-ventilated assemblies are now achievable with brick.

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Taylor Machine Works, Inc.

Taylor Machine Works, Inc.Manufactures heavy-duty forklifts ranging from 16,000- to 125,000-lb. capacity—continuing a near 90-year history of engineering, building and servicing trucks for a variety of industrial applications. Backed by sales and service dealers located throughout the U.S. and Canada, the company provides 24/7 response through a full stock of replacement parts. 

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