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TRIMBLE CONSTRUCTION LOGISTICS TRIMFLEET COMMUNICATOR Information between drivers, dispatch, and maintenance staff can range from a cell phone call to a text message to a traditional CB-style radio. However, laws have recently been put in place that prohibits the use of cell phones and texting devices while driving a vehicle; traditional style radios don't allow private conversations and clog the airways with endless chatter that is not pertinent to every driver listening.
Recognizing the benefits to fleets if they could have the best of both cellular and radio, Trimble recently introduced TrimFleet Communicator, partnering with Twisted Pair Solutions, a leader in mobile workforce communications for secure, real-time voice communication. TrimFleet integrates Twisted Pair's WAVE software with Trimble's fleet management solution, providing integrated push-to-talk (PTT) voice communication specifically designed for construction materials users to enhance system performance and collaboration.
"Excellent communication between the field and office is vital to our customers' success," says Trimble Construction Logistics Division General Manager John Rice. "By recognizing a need for improved communications between dispatchers, mechanics and truck drivers in the materials industry, we were able to create a solution, incorporating WAVE software, which provides easy, integrated realtime voice communication to help improve delivery efficiency and fleet management for our customers."
TrimbleTrimble's TrimFleet solution—including TrimView, TrimFleet Mobile and now, TrimFleet Communicator—improves workflow, project accuracy and delivery speed by providing dispatchers with an automated, real-time interface for monitoring vehicle location and delivery status for individual fleets. It also enables fleet managers to send and receive messages to fleet crews, generate reports and adjust delivery schedules. With WAVE at its core, TrimFleet Communicator now provides drivers, mechanics, site project managers or dispatchers with an added capacity to engage in real-time voice communication over 3G as an integrated system capability, making it a complete solution for exchanging critical information in an organized way.
TrimbleTrimble"TrimFleet Communicator can be instrumental in helping to change the communication and collaboration paradigm for the construction materials industry, bringing groups of people closer together through a single communication platform," says Twisted Pair Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Buma. "With TrimFleet Communicator, fleet owners and operators have an alternative to traditional carrier PTT or expensive two-way radio systems with an integrated solution that improves real-time communication and collaboration while offering significant cost benefits." —;