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COOPER BUSSMANN OMNEX TD3200 The multi-function two-way radio remote control with high-resolution color display is designed for smooth operation and precise control of concrete pump trucks, transit mixers and other industrial machinery.
Cooper BussmanThe TD3200 offers a 3.5-in. transflective color LCD display that provides extensive status monitoring, diagnostic information and controls capability. Two-way communication delivers useful machine status information to the operator via the display's graphics, readable in day and night conditions for increased productivity. Safety features include an operator alert buzzer, drop/tilt detection as well as sensing inactivity detection. Critical Safety features are integral to the design with redundant signaling and emergency stop functionality.
Ergonomically sound, the TD3200 has a lightweight design that minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes productivity when working precise placement in critical, large scale pours. The radio remote accommodates a wide variety of controls including: two- and three-axis joysticks, paddles, toggle switches and potentiometers. OMNEX Trusted Wireless FHSS technology provides superior range and exceptional reliability, product engineers contend.
"Our team has created a breakthrough design for OEMs and high value machinery builders who want to leverage wireless control to achieve greater safety and productivity for hydraulic machine operators," said Steven Toteda, VP & general manager for the Wireless Business Unit. "The TD3200 remote control provides feature and function richness, and ergonomic advantages that are coupled with a modern aesthetic for the next generation of mobile control."
Other features include durable, weatherproof construction, internal and external battery design that offer long life, and waist belt and shoulder harness attachment points. —