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Terex Roadbuilding FD Series MixersNewly engineered 2013 front discharge mixer line spans the four- to seven-axle FD4000, FDB4000, FD5000 "Great Lakes," FD6000 "Michigan Stretch," FDB6000 and FDB7000 models and 100-plus updates to predecessor trucks. Refined vehicle design and improved axle positioning have streamlined the company's offering from 13 to six chassis.
The 2013 Terex line incorporates three different 11-yd. mixer designs, reducing the number of drums, standardizing frame construction and simplifying maintenance and servicing requirements. The drum packages include no cone extension, 9-in. extension and Hygrade designs. Drums are constructed with 3/16-in. thick AR400 steel shells and 1/4-in. thick AR230 steel fins and flights inside the mixing area. Bolt-on drum trunnion rollers ease adjustments and simplify service.
Two 2013 EPA emission-compliant engines featuring selective catalytic reduction technology are available: a) the Cummins ISX12 in 350-, 385- or 425-hp ratings; and, b) MTU Series 1300 (DD13), in 350-, 380- or 450-hp ratings. The engines' standard on-board diagnostic system provides self-diagnostics of emission system components and reports through a CAN-Bus connection to help operators monitor proper working order of EPA-required components.
FD Series steering and front suspension refinements yield significant benefits in the field, Terex engineers contend. Changes to the steering system allow the trucks to take full advantage of the front axle's wheel cut capability, affording a much tighter turning radius—ranging from a 10 to 25 percent reduction against former models—to significantly improve maneuverability at the jobsite. They provide an additional 8.5-in. of legroom inside the stainless steel cab, which is mounted to the frame on isolators for improved structural integrity and smoother ride. Among other design improvements are hanging pedals, which include a new brake pedal that better resists corrosion for improved longevity, and a brighter LED dome light with door entry switch for improved visibility.
New aluminum front fenders substantially reduce the number of parts for fender construction and are lighter than previous model fenders, yet 28 percent thicker. Two wide "grip" steps are incorporated into the roadside front fender to provide direct cab access. A third, hanging, flexible step and staircase-type railing ease three-point entry. Operators can quickly and easily access the upright platform via an improved bolt-on ladder design. A redesign of the sprocket and motor powering the discharge chute swing results in less induced torque to reach the gearbox, increasing swing system durability.
The trucks' new air and revamped electrical systems boost performance and reliability. Increased air reservoir capacity with push-to-connect air fittings, plus larger diameter tubes and hoses, improve airflow. A new brake/air system features a 127 part-count reduction, resulting in fewer connections for less air leakage potential. A single lift axle control module replaces prior models' four valve per axle configuration. Wiring harnesses are more efficiently routed to improve electrical system reliability, while stop/turn/tail, back-up and license plate lights have been upgraded to LED bulbs.
The Federal Bridge Formula models—FDB4000, FDB6000 and FDB7000—feature a new hydraulic tag axle design simplifying operation and improving reliability. A small programmable logic controller with redundant/fail-safe operation inside the cab replaces two proximity switches, three relays, wiring and the need for adjustments found on previous models. — 800/678-5961;


Hendrickson Truck Ultimaxx SuspensionThe Ultimaxx Advanced Heavy-duty Rubber Suspension is engineered for severe-duty vocational markets, durability its cornerstone feature. "This system has been through more extreme testing than any product developed by Hendrickson to date, including component validation and severe proving grounds testing. We've worked with key fleets, running early prototype test units in some of the most extreme applications in North America for the last five years," says Hendrickson Director of Engineering Ashley Dudding.
Available in capacities of 46,000, 52,000 and 60,000 lb., Ultimaxx optimizes weight savings, resulting in a product that is reportedly hundreds of pounds lighter than competitive suspension systems for higher payloads. The suspension delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most severe-duty environments where vehicles encounter harsh and unexpected ground conditions. The integration of walking (equalizing) beam technology, with patented progressive rate spring, provides a balance of loaded stability and unloaded ride quality even in the most rugged environments. In the empty or lightly loaded condition, shear springs carry a majority of the vertical load, netting a constant low spring rate and ride quality.
Due to the advancements of the progressive rate spring, as load increases, the suspension ride and stability characteristics change to meet the application's needs without an abrupt change in spring rate. That dynamic reduces road shock and vibration transfer to the vehicle, which contributes to longer service life of the cab, chassis and body equipment.
Where mobility and traction are concerned, Ultimaxx equips vehicles for some of the harshest terrains. By nature, the walking beam design utilizes a central pivot point to help keep tire contact with the ground and maintain traction in challenging environments. However, Hendrickson cites advanced walking beam technology with new breakthrough features, including a flat-bottom design for increased ground clearance. In addition, the system offers up to 17.5 in. of loaded diagonal articulation and an increase in unloaded articulation, owing to high-performance beam end and center bushings. — 630/910-2800;

Suspension Selector Tool
Posted at, the Vocational Truck Suspension Selector Tool provides users rear-suspension recommendations for general truck and tractor operations in vocational and severe-service applications. Results are calculated based on selections related to intended application, vehicle axle configuration, gross rear axle weight rating, and suspension type. Recommendations can then be printed for future reference or researched further by following the quick links back to the Hendrickson website for more information on specific suspension systems. The Selector Tool suits fleet planning, dealer sales people, and general information gathering to learn more about which company suspensions are recommended for common types of vehicle applications, configurations and specifications.


Eyeing eventual replacement of its stalwart for dump trucks and concrete mixers, the T800, Kenworth has introduced the T880 in 116.5-in. or 122.5-in. bumper-to-back-of-cab lengths. Scheduled for summer production, the model's spacious, 83-in. wide cab is assembled with self-penetrating fasteners and stamped aluminum panels for a durable enclosure exhibiting enhanced noise, vibration and corrosion resistance.
Kenworth Truck T880The cab was introduced last year in the T680, a highway model Kenworth bills as its most advanced and aerodynamic truck to date, and has been subjected to extensive testing to confirm suitability for a vocational environment. In addition to the Paccar MX-13 engine, with high-end ratings of 500 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque, the T880 is available with the Cummins ISX15 engine. It joins the T800 and W900S, with set-back and set-forward axles, respectively, and three other Kenworth vocational models. Field demonstrations will begin this spring in the Pacific Northwest and Ohio, the latter to include a T880 with OSW dump body.
Citing the company's 90th anniversary, Kenworth Chief Engineer Kevin Baney notes, "the T880 represents our heritage very well, while also reinforcing leadership in vocational truck performance. Customers and drivers demand a tough and durable truck in today's challenging work environments, and we are confident the T880 will surpass expectations." Among key T880 features, he adds:

Kentworth Truck T880Stamped aluminum cab. The lightweight cab is new for vocational applications. Robotically assembled, its stamped aluminum panels are connected by Henrob self-penetrating fasteners to produce an extremely durable structure. The cab sports company's signature cowl-mounted mirrors for better visibility, increased durability, and reduced adjustment.

Panoramic windshield. Standard, one-piece, bonded-in windshield with high visibility and marked increase in size compared to the T800 windshield. Extra thickness minimizes the effect of rock incidents and replacement time requirements.

Robust door. The lightweight, stamped aluminum door supports up to 400 lb. It provides smooth airflow around the cab and minimizes noise-inducing turbulence. A pressure relief valve equalizes interior and exterior air pressure to make the door easy to open and close. The door is triple sealed against the elements and road noise.

Hood and bumper. The new vocational hood is made of Metton, a lightweight, durable composite material with excellent impact resistance and finished surface. The hood, which offers easier and faster repair, is offered in two configurations, both with bolt-on fenders. With a polished stainless steel surround, the signature Kenworth grille is made from corrosion- resistant aluminum wire mesh to protect cooling system components. An advanced assist system enables the hood to be lifted with 35 lb. of opening force. Augmenting serviceability and replacements, the T880 is available with all current T800 metal bumpers.

Lighting. The T880 is standard with dual lamp complex reflector headlamps. All standard exterior lights utilize LED technology that provides a 20,000-hour life, which equates to about 15 years of truck life. LED lights are also used extensively in the cab.

Vocational axle options. The T880 is available with five new, factory-installed and lightweight Watson & Chalin lift axles, including a 10K offering for the first time and a 20K version with a 200-lb. weight savings. Also offered are new steering gears for improved steering feedback and increased wheelcut for greater maneuverability.

Driver Performance Center. A full-color, high-resolution, 5-in. Thin Film Transistor display screen presents current truck information, diagnostic data, and pop-up alerts. It also displays situational-specific recommendations to help improve vehicle performance.

HVAC system. With standard Automatic Temperature Control, drivers simply set the desired temperature and the system maintains it. A one-touch feature provides maximum defrost.

Seats. Proprietary Kenworth seats' advanced air suspension system automatically adjusts to various driver weights. A full range of seat comfort is available to meet specific preferences. The company outfits the T880 with DuraSupreme heavy-duty seat fabric in charcoal, gray and tan.

Kenworth Trucks DashDash. The dash cluster has an easy-to-read layout with nine standard gauges and 12 additional gauges available. The switches utilize driver-preferred toggling feature, while maintaining rocker switch functionality. The T880 uses new electric-over-air dash switches introduced on the T680, and offers additional options augmenting vocational and body builder requirements. The dash includes Kenworth NavPlus, with hands-free cell phone capability via Bluetooth connections and voice commands (optional with standard interior; included with premium interior). —

Sum of its parts
Kenworth TrucksKenworth unveiled the T880 116.5-in. and 122.5-in. BBC versions at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. Company officials underscored the new model's five-piece hood, fabricated of Metton, a durable, resilient composite; wide, stamped-aluminum cab; and, 5-in. Driver Performance Center screen and optional NavPlus, enabling hands-free cell phone use.
Standard on the T880, the Paccar MX-13 engine utilizes the latest common rail fuel-delivery technology, which enables injection pressures of up to 2,500 bar for fuel efficiency and performance. Controls regulate the fuel in a central manifold, only compressing the amount of fuel mixture needed. The result is finer fuel atomization for optimized combustion, lowering fuel consumption and emissions.
Kenworth TruckThe MX-13 is rated up to 500 hp and is the only 13-liter class engine rated up to 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Assembled at the Paccar Engine Plant in Columbus, Miss., it meets an Environmental Protection Agency regulation requiring that model-year 2013 engines be equipped with On-Board Diagnostics. OBD monitor vehicle emission system performance to help detect exhaust issues, recognize component faults, and ensure optimal performance.


Announced in late 2012 and formally launched at this year's World of Concrete, the standard Pro Series and booster axle Bridge Maxx Series mixer truck models position placing-equipment mainstay Putzmeister America deeper in the concrete supply chain.
Both the Pro and Bridge Maxx Series mixers feature large drum openings—standard 43-in. discharge or 47-in. paver discharge—and 3/16-in. wall thickness. At ¼-in. thick, the head is one-piece pressed, dished, 78 in. in diameter, and of AR 200 steel construction. One-piece, pressed blades have weep holes for easy cleaning.
Each mixer model is equipped with the Ergonic Mix Control (EMC), a fully programmable system that balances engine speed with hydraulic pump output to achieve the optimum drum speed, reduce vessel wear and save fuel. Minimum and maximum drum speeds are programmable to batch plant preference. While the EMC can operate in either a manual or automatic mode, programmed interlocks ensure the mixer always operates safely and efficiently. A dash-mounted monitor shows key operating parameters along with warning lights and alarms.
Additionally, the Pro and Bridge Maxx Series have a durable, yet light transmission; fully hydraulic control; high-strength modular construction; and, large platform for increased work space. The latter model's booster axle has hydraulic suspension powered by a pressure-compensating, variable-displacement pump for axle loading consistency, reduced frame stress, and safer highway travel.
"The inclusion of ready mix trucks in our equipment portfolio is a natural extension," says Putzmeister America CEO Dave Adams. "We already provide customers with technologically advanced concrete pumps, and we're confident our new ready mix trucks will deliver one more solution to their job site challenges." — 262/886-3200; [email protected]

Mixer program chief
Roger Anderson Putzmeister AmericaPutzmeister America has named Roger Anderson sales and marketing manager for the concrete mixer line. His responsibilities will include direct equipment sales; establishing the regional salespeople in North America and Latin America; and, coordinating marketing activities. With nearly 35 years of experience selling construction machinery, Anderson previously worked for SANY America. He will be based at the Wisconsin headquarters.


Paired with the Mack C150/151 series axle carriers, the mRIDE spring suspension suits vocational applications and is available on the Granite, Titan, Pinnacle Axle Forward and TerraPro models. The use of spring leafs over four separate rubber block packs offers stability and articulation, while also allowing the needed clearance for larger tires and brake components required in construction and vocational applications.
In addition to lighter weight features, the mRIDE delivers a smoother ride, improved stability and greater ground clearance over difficult terrain versus comparable spring suspensions, Mack engineers note. The suspension also provides constant ground contact for all wheels over its articulation range, which in turn maximizes traction on any site. The parallel pinion angles of the Mack axles extend the driveline joint life.
The integrated drivetrain of an MP engine, Mack transmission and axle, plus the mRIDE suspension, affords superior performance, stability and handling, notes Mack Vocational Marketing Manager Curtis Dorwart. "Vocational customers can count on mRIDE-equipped trucks to absorb more of the rough work on jobsites, keeping drivers more comfortable and productive."

Mack's 13-liter MP8 engine is now available in the TerraPro concrete pumper, meeting customer demands for high horsepower and torque in placing operations. The MP8 features three ratings and special performance calibrations unique to concrete pumping; ratings range from 425 to 505 hp and 1,760 ft.-lb. torque, offering maximum power for concrete pumping.
Mack Truck"The higher horsepower and torque available with the MP8 provide effective and efficient operation of the concrete pump under the demanding and variable engine loading conditions that are routinely encountered during operation," says Dorwart.
The Mack TerraPro Cabover offers high visibility and maneuverability, he adds, with tight turn navigation contributing to the improved job site safety. Equipped with Mack's Maxitorque ES manual transmission, C150/151 and C202/203 axles, plus MP8 engine and ClearTech SCR exhaust treatment, the TerraPro concrete pumper has a completely integrated Pedigree Powertrain. They combine for seamless communication among components for improved performance. —

Cracking the Code
Mack Truck Cracking the CodeEffective last month, all new Mack trucks will be delivered with a unique QR code to speed service and improve customer uptime. Quick response codes rapidly retrieve information when scanned by tablet or other mobile device.
Upon truck arrival, dealer service advisors scan the matrix bar code, accessing VIN, owner information and dealer service history, while automatically launching Mack's service management system. The electronic process eliminates the potential for paper-based service write-up errors. Service advisors also have the ability to launch required inspections through the mobile device used for the initial scan—saving technician time in completing and accurately documenting inspections. Mack is currently working with dealers to retrofit QR codes on existing vehicles.




Recognizing positive signals in transportation and other construction markets that will be key to driving new mixer and dump truck demand, Peterbilt rolled out the Model 567 at the late-March Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. With production commencing in June, the 567 will succeed the Peterbilt 367 and 365 often deployed for concrete and aggregate hauling.
At the new model's core is an 83-in. wide aluminum cab with a) strategically-placed steel reinforcements to increase strength and optimize rigidity, and b) mounts to distribute road stresses evenly, reducing road-induced wear and improving ride quality. A signature stainless steel oval mesh grille and surround, along with a new style hood fabricated of resilient Metton material, are equal to absorbing many impacts. The hood pivot system has a protection feature that directs energy around the cooling module in the event of an impact.
Available in 115-in. and 121-in. bumper-to-back-of-cab configurations, the 567 has Paccar MX-13 power, whose common rail system maintains injection pressures of 2,500 bar, helping operators achieve low fuel consumption, emission and noise levels. In addition to its set-back axle, an angled steering gear installation further improves maneuverability by increasing wheel cut by up to 9 degrees over other designs, reducing curb-to-curb turning diameter by up to 9 ft.
Chassis system routing improvements over earlier models include new air and fuel hard lines and the separation of key air, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid and electrical systems routing to simplify service, repair and body installation. —


Con-tech Manufacturing
Con-techCon-techUnveiled at the 2013 World of Concrete, the HP is engineered for standard and paving configurations, and fabricated from A.R. steel. With an eye to uniform loads and reduced mix buildup, it features strategically placed paddles to break apart dry cement balls and a self-cleaning fin design with 2-in. holes allowing material to flow through blades.
The High Performance Drum has a short cone whose fin and spiral design enables fast charging. A straight taper cone eliminates surging for smooth discharge and even flow, while the high capacity head and belly sections allow more material in the mixing bowl. The A.R. steel specification nets 1/4-in. and 5/16-in. thick heads that are lighter and more uniform than spun head alternatives. The drum's solid roller track eliminates flexing and cracking, and provides a 300 percent-plus increase in contact surface area compared to a hollow track. — 507/374-2239;

FreightlinerThe company arrived at this year's World of Concrete with its first compressed natural gas-powered 114SD for a concrete mixer package. The truck is powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G natural gas engine, designed for fuel economy, performance and dependability with near-zero emissions.
Built on Freightliner's severe duty platform for a variety of applications, the 114SD CNG concrete mixer is available in a wide range of vocational rear suspensions and frame options up to 5 million RBM. A heavy-duty frame, steel reinforced aluminum cab, and flexible specs make the 114SD CNG concrete mixer suited to demanding applications. Freightliner collaborated on the model with McNeilus Cos., which has brought CNG mixers under its Ngen (Next Generation Initiatives) brand.
"The combination of our severe duty concrete mixer with natural gas technology is the ideal blend of power, performance and efficiency," says Freightliner's Robert Carrick, manager, Natural Gas Sales. "We are providing the market another solution for customers seeking an economical way to reduce emissions and fuel costs."
Two years after unveiling the SD with the mixer- and dump-geared 114 model, Freightliner has adapted the platform in a 122-in. bumper-to-back-of-cab package to the Coronado SD.
First displayed at the late-March Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, the 122SD has GVWR of up to 92,000 lb. and a GCWR of up to 160,000 lb. It can be configured for a variety of severe duty applications, including heavy haul, concrete and aggregate. The truck's aluminum SD cab, reinforced with e-coated steel, meets stringent A-pillar impact, rollover and back wall impact tests. Advanced adhesives and Henrob rivets further reinforce the ergonomically designed cab's durable structure. The chassis features a broad offering of vocational suspension choices and single or double channel frame rails having tensile strength of up to 120,000 psi and up to 5 million RBM.
FreightlinerAdditional new standard and optional components for the 122SD include hood durability enhancements; West Coast-style door mounted mirrors; severe duty front cab mounts; impact-resistant back window; lower radiator rock guard and up to 1,700-sq.-in. radiator space; durable halogen headlights with replaceable glass lens reflectors; one-piece skid plate; and, disc brakes.
The 122SD is equipped with the OBD13 certified/GHG14-compliant Detroit DD15 TC engine, offering torque and horsepower for heavy duty applications; the Detroit DD13 or Cummins ISX15 can also be spec'ed. The truck is available with a variety of Eaton manual and automated manual transmissions, including the optional Eaton Cobra shifter or Allison automatic transmission options. —

Oshkosh Cummins EngineAfter six years of testing and refining compressed natural gas-powered rear discharge mixers under the McNeilus Ngen (Next Generation Initiatives) banner, the Oshkosh Commercial Group has sold its first CNG-powered S-Series front discharge model. Action Ready Mix of Bohemia, N.Y., took delivery following the premier unit's World of Concrete 2013 unveiling.
"We've been manufacturing CNG-powered commercial vehicles since 2006, and understand how to help ready-mixed producers take advantage of new technology," says McNeilus Vice President of Sales Frank Busicchia. "Cleaner burning and quieter running engines, lower fuel costs, and an abundant domestic supply add up to bottom-line results that make CNG a smart choice for both front discharge and rear discharge fleets."
Oshkosh CNG S SeriesThe Oshkosh S-Series CNG vehicle is powered by a Cummins Westport ISL G 8.9-liter engine with 320 hp. The vehicle features an 11-yd. McNeilus drum with a 45-in. opening. The rugged Oshkosh transfer case and proprietary axles were developed for military vehicles, and the S-Series' Load Span Tag Axle features a hydraulic system with a higher weight rating than other tag axles. The ergonomic cab is optimized for high visibility and easy troubleshooting, and offers an automotive style HVAC system. —;

EcoFit Dosing Unit
EcoFit Dosing Unit
EcoFit Supply Unit
EcoFit Supply Unit

The company reports that its 2013 ISX12 and ISL 9 on-highway diesel engines offer up to 2 percent better fuel economy compared with the 2012 model-year engines.
Changes to gearing recommendations and maintenance intervals increase the 2013 engines' fuel economy and lower operating costs. Fuel economy is improved through the use of downspeeding, which allows the ISX12 to achieve peak torque at 100 fewer rpm, and the approved use of low-viscosity 10W30 oils. Maintenance expenses are reduced through increased oil drain intervals.
At this year's Mid-America Trucking Show, Cummins announced a forthcoming addition to the ISL and ISX12 exhaust treatment systems from subsidiary Cummins Emissions Solutions: the EcoFit UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System, which improves atomization of urea (diesel exhaust fluid). The system's freeze-robust components allow for optimal pump-priming and the prevention of crystallization throughout.
With separate supply and dosing units, the EcoFit UL2 has been specifically designed and tested for leading emissions markets. The spray nozzle allows customization in flow rates and spray cone angles; an intelligent doser, with temperature and pressure sensors at the point of injection, allows for flexible vehicle integration by accommodating varying dosing line lengths without affecting controls. The dosing nozzle provides improved oxides of nitrogen (NOx) conversion efficiency rates through urea droplet sizes comparable to those of air-assisted systems—reducing the likelihood of droplets in the exhaust system's Decomposition Reactor. Due to freeze robustness, urea can remain in the EcoFit UL2 at all times.
Alongside the diesel power line up is an expanding Cummins Westport natural gas engine portfolio, highlighted with the ISX12 G, entering full production this spring. The larger ISX12 G joins the ISL (8.9) G, whose applications include compressed natural gas-powered mixers (see Freightliner, page 36; Oshkosh, page 37). Both models utilize Cummins Westport's proprietary spark-ignited combustion technology featuring Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and maintenance-free Three-Way Catalyst. — 800/343-7357;,

With emissions done, fuel economy next up
CumminsShifting focus from emissions-driven innovations toward those prioritizing fuel economy, Cummins Turbo Technologies cites a tipping point at which global engine and vehicle manufacturers are developing products to insulate customers from rising diesel prices. Their aim of maintaining or increasing power outputs from smaller, lighter products has spawned a number of significant engineering challenges, Cummins contends.
Among next-generation technologies geared to the fuel economy-driven downsizing of components is Cummins Turbo Technologies' Waste Heat Turbine Expander. Displayed as a prototype at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show, the device captures what would otherwise be lost energy in the form of heat from onboard vehicle sources, turning it into useful mechanical 34 hp power capable of reducing vehicle fuel consumption by 5 percent.

Information between drivers, dispatch, and maintenance staff can range from a cell phone call to a text message to a traditional CB-style radio. However, laws have recently been put in place that prohibits the use of cell phones and texting devices while driving a vehicle; traditional style radios don't allow private conversations and clog the airways with endless chatter that is not pertinent to every driver listening.
Recognizing the benefits to fleets if they could have the best of both cellular and radio, Trimble recently introduced TrimFleet Communicator, partnering with Twisted Pair Solutions, a leader in mobile workforce communications for secure, real-time voice communication. TrimFleet integrates Twisted Pair's WAVE software with Trimble's fleet management solution, providing integrated push-to-talk (PTT) voice communication specifically designed for construction materials users to enhance system performance and collaboration.
"Excellent communication between the field and office is vital to our customers' success," says Trimble Construction Logistics Division General Manager John Rice. "By recognizing a need for improved communications between dispatchers, mechanics and truck drivers in the materials industry, we were able to create a solution, incorporating WAVE software, which provides easy, integrated realtime voice communication to help improve delivery efficiency and fleet management for our customers."
TrimbleTrimble's TrimFleet solution—including TrimView, TrimFleet Mobile and now, TrimFleet Communicator—improves workflow, project accuracy and delivery speed by providing dispatchers with an automated, real-time interface for monitoring vehicle location and delivery status for individual fleets. It also enables fleet managers to send and receive messages to fleet crews, generate reports and adjust delivery schedules. With WAVE at its core, TrimFleet Communicator now provides drivers, mechanics, site project managers or dispatchers with an added capacity to engage in real-time voice communication over 3G as an integrated system capability, making it a complete solution for exchanging critical information in an organized way.
TrimbleTrimble"TrimFleet Communicator can be instrumental in helping to change the communication and collaboration paradigm for the construction materials industry, bringing groups of people closer together through a single communication platform," says Twisted Pair Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Buma. "With TrimFleet Communicator, fleet owners and operators have an alternative to traditional carrier PTT or expensive two-way radio systems with an integrated solution that improves real-time communication and collaboration while offering significant cost benefits." —;


WatsonA 20,000-lb., self-steering axle and lift suspension system, the SL-2065 is the latest addition to the company's Tru-Track family. Weighing in at 1,327 lbs., the SL-2065 maintains the durability and features of the Tru-Track series by delivering maneuverability with an industry-leading 25-degree wheel cut, product engineers note. It is compatible with a 445/65R22.5 tire and has an air-disc brake option.
A parallelogram design provides a 27-in. packaging space, allowing for easier configurations, and is offered in ride height from 8-in. to 13-in. The SL-2065 also features maintenance-free Huck fasteners; 12-in. axle travel; narrow 89 drum face for increased body clearance; reverse lock-out kit availability; dual self-centering stabilizers; air ride, air lift; fabricated axle; preset caster; and, pre-plumbed options. — 800/445-0736;

Ready Blast loosens drum buildup in Mid-Atlantic fleets
High-pressure water blasting contractor P. Wingate Services recently launched a mixer drum cleaning service for ready mixed producers from Connecticut to North Carolina. The company uses water only in a blasting machine operating at up to 20,000 psi to remove hardened concrete from drum wall and fins—no worker entry in drums required. On a front discharge mixer with normal concrete buildup, the blast time is around 75 minutes; extreme amounts of concrete can require another 15–20 minutes. — Ready Blast/Wingate Services, Dublin, Pa., 215/795-0444;

DONALDSON CO. Fuel Filters, Pre-Cleaner
DonaldsonCompany's newest line of replacement filters suits on- or off-road vehicle applications—with coverage for Racor fuel systems and Cummins engines. Twist&Drain Fuel Kits contain all the components needed for a complete change out, including: water separating fuel filter with Twist&Drain valve; water collection bowl for easy visual inspection; and, alternative Twist&Drain valve with water-in-fuel sensor or threaded port to meet water-in-fuel sensing requirements.
The Twist&Drain valve, a key feature on Donaldson replacement filters, turns the complicated task of removing water into an easy process. The valve has been designed with such features as a wider, easy-turn "thumb and forefinger" profile; self-venting configuration, allowing for easy water flow; and, a single threaded port in the bottom of the filter housing for fast and easy water draining without the awkwardness of multiple sensor and drain ports.
DonaldsonSeparately, the company's newest air pre-cleaner, the all-metal TopSpin HD is built for high-dust and heavy-debris environments, including construction. Available in eight sizes, it features a high-efficiency design enabling it to separate and eject up to 80 percent of incoming contamination before it can reach the engine's air cleaner. It also helps prolong air filter life, which results in less frequent air filter replacement, lower operating costs, and less maintenance downtime.
"Pre-cleaning air before it enters an air cleaner can dramatically improve the life of an air filter, and help avoid costly engine failure," states John Fitzgerald, product manager, Donaldson Engine Air Filtration. "TopSpin HD is a cost-effective solution that is designed specifically to perform in punishing conditions where precleaners can really take a beating." —,

Eaton has added six models to its lineup of UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions to complement the fuel-friendly features of the newer low torque diesel engines. The three new UltraShift PLUS Vocational Construction Series (VCS) and three new Vocational Multipurpose Series (VMS) transmissions are available in 10- and 11-speed configurations with torque ratings on 1050 ft.-lb., 1150 ft.-lb., and 1250 ft.-lb.
Eaton"By lowering the torque ratings in these transmissions, we now have an ideal platform of models for customers who do not require the higher torque engines and are looking for the most efficient transmission technology available," says Eaton Commercial Vehicle Transmission Division's Shane Groner, product planning manager. The new models are in production and suited to mixer, dump and other vocational fleets. They bear the numbers FO-10E308LL-VCS, FO-11E308LL-VCS and FO-12E308LL-VCS and FO-10E309ALL-VMS, FO-11E309All-VMS, and FO-12E309ALL-VMS.
Most of Eaton's UltraShift PLUS transmissions are available in overdrive and direct-drive models, and feature self-adjusting electronic clutch actuation for fast, smooth engagements. Intelligent shift selection software employs grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands to make shift decisions for efficient, safe and profitable vehicle performance.
The transmission series also includes a Hill Start Aid feature to prevent rolling while on steep grades and allowing for smoother vehicle launches; automatic manual and low mode selections that offer drivers better control; creep function for significantly improved maneuverability with continuous low-speed control; six- and eight-bolt, as well as thru-shaft, power take off options; and, oil sight glass to easily check fluid levels.
The Vocational Series of UltraShift PLUS transmissions also have broad ratio coverage and the highest torque capacity in the trucking industry—up to 2,250 lb.-ft.—and allow for smooth and controlled vehicle starts under load. Each has been designed for on- and off-highway performance, and manufactured with important driveline protection features such as stall prevention, engine over-speed protection, clutch abuse protection, and auto gear selection. The transmissions are supported by the Eaton-aligned Roadranger network, with 200-plus drivetrain professionals providing specification assistance, training, service, parts and warranty expertise throughout North America. — 800/826-4357;

The multi-function two-way radio remote control with high-resolution color display is designed for smooth operation and precise control of concrete pump trucks, transit mixers and other industrial machinery.
Cooper BussmanThe TD3200 offers a 3.5-in. transflective color LCD display that provides extensive status monitoring, diagnostic information and controls capability. Two-way communication delivers useful machine status information to the operator via the display's graphics, readable in day and night conditions for increased productivity. Safety features include an operator alert buzzer, drop/tilt detection as well as sensing inactivity detection. Critical Safety features are integral to the design with redundant signaling and emergency stop functionality.
Ergonomically sound, the TD3200 has a lightweight design that minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes productivity when working precise placement in critical, large scale pours. The radio remote accommodates a wide variety of controls including: two- and three-axis joysticks, paddles, toggle switches and potentiometers. OMNEX Trusted Wireless FHSS technology provides superior range and exceptional reliability, product engineers contend.
"Our team has created a breakthrough design for OEMs and high value machinery builders who want to leverage wireless control to achieve greater safety and productivity for hydraulic machine operators," said Steven Toteda, VP & general manager for the Wireless Business Unit. "The TD3200 remote control provides feature and function richness, and ergonomic advantages that are coupled with a modern aesthetic for the next generation of mobile control."
Other features include durable, weatherproof construction, internal and external battery design that offer long life, and waist belt and shoulder harness attachment points. —

NEWAY/SAF-HOLLAND Air-Ride Suspension
The Neway ADZ Series Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspension from SAF-Holland is for vocational trucks and tractors and has been specifically engineered for applications such as construction, mixers, and heavy-haul. The ADZ, which is approved for 100 percent off-road duty, is a non-torque reactive suspension with a parallelogram trailing arm design. The suspension is offered in single, tandem or tridem axle configurations with 23,000 to 78,000 lb. capacities.
Neway/Saf-HollandThe streamlined design eliminates components to significantly lower weight, while improving durability and reducing maintenance. The new design creates the industry's first solid connection of the cast trailing arm beams to the transverse beam. This solid, permanent connection eliminates fasteners and bushings; no bushings removes the need to re-torque. The solid connection also provides a linear roll rate with characteristics that not only improve handling and steering characteristics, but also enhance driver comfort and confidence—all critical considerations for high center of gravity applications such as front and rear discharge mixers.
As compared to traditional torque rod and track bar arrangements that transmit forces to the center of the crossmember, the ADZ's V-Rod Upper Control Arm directs lateral forces toward the crossmember and frame rail junctions. This new high strength V-Rod design results in improved bushing life, uniform roll rate and allows for a lighter weight crossmember.
Other ADZ features include: EZ-Align Non-Welded axle re-alignment, weld-on axle adapters, and multifunctional pivot bushings for improved ride comfort and handling. As a result, the lighter weight ADZ provides increased load capacity and reduced fuel consumption for improved operational efficiency. —