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10-YD. Legal: Chaney Inaugurates Continental Lightweight Mixer

continental-mainChaney Enterprises of Waldorf, Md., took delivery of Continental Mixers’ first production lightweight drum last month, following return of the truck from the ConExpo-Con/Agg show floor. Compared to mixers in its existing fleet, the 10.5-yd. drum’s approximately 2,000-lb. weight savings enables the producer to legally haul 10 yd. in Maryland. The lightweight Continental drum helps offset extra weight from the Granite’s EPA 2010 diesel power exhaust treatment package.

Based at the Waldorf headquarters plant, Truck 290 is one of seven new Continental lightweight mixers Chaney Enterprises has added to its fleet this year. All are scheduled to be running by summer. Truck 290 is the producer’s first mixer sporting a novel graphic and promotion message previously adopted in print materials. Chaney Enterprises has stepped up concrete pavement promotion amid a drop in commercial and residential building activity.

The especially timely message of concrete pavements’ fuel efficiency stems from Canadian research figures. Measuring fuel consumption on asphalt versus concrete roads, research indicates the latter material’s tendency to exhibit gains of 4 percent for passenger vehicles and as much as 7 percent for trucks. The range in the Chaney/Continental drum message aligns with trends in more recent analyses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-hosted Concrete Sustainability Hub. Fuel efficiency factors will become part of a life-cycle assessment model through which green building-minded public and private interests can measure concrete or asphalt pavements’ cradle-to-grave environmental costs.

The M.I.T. Concrete Sustainability Hub is jointly funded by Portland Cement Association and the RMC Research & Education Foundation. Chaney Enterprises is a Foundation Silver Patron ($100,000+).