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The National Concrete Masonry Association elected its board of directors during the NCMA Annual Convention earlier this year in Palm Springs, Calif. Dale Puskas of Basalite Concrete Products was elected NCMA chairman of the board, citing among primary goals, “Maintaining and growing market share against competitive systems, improving the recent decline in membership due to the economic downturn and the perceived value of associations in general, advocating for government regulations and establishing organizational succession planning as new leaders begin to emerge in our industry.”

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PRODUCERS April 2014

Eastern Concrete Materials, Inc. and Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc., business units of Texas-based U.S. Concrete, Inc. have attained Green-Star certification from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association for a total of 17 plants. Seven Eastern Concrete plants are first in New Jersey, as well as the New York City area, to receive Green-Star certification. The producer aims to complete certification for its other operating plants in New York and New Jersey before year-end.

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U.S. Concrete’s rapid drying concrete advances moisture-sensitive slab practice

USC Technologies, Inc., bills its Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete as the first ready mixed solution for preventing floor covering failure, an industry-wide problem that costs millions of dollars annually in damage, downtime, repair and replacement. The proprietary mix from the subsidiary of Texas-Based U.S. Concrete Inc. can attain in 30 days or less—or three times faster than conventional concrete—the 75 percent internal relative humidity level increasingly referenced as a target for flooring covering application on new concrete slabs.

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