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Wheel wash system

As the vehicle approaches the company’s wheel wash system, the wash cycle is automatically activated by a proximity sensor. A technically engineered spray system creates an effective washing result for the complete length of the vehicle as it slowly drives through the wheel wash system at walking speed. The angled profile construction of the wash areas flexes open the tire profiles and supplements the cleaning effect, helping to dislodge heavier soils. Each system is equipped with nozzles in the tread area as well as custom-milled, side spray nozzles, which are easily adjustable to provide the most effective cleaning spray pattern for each side.

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Fuel, fluid management

Multi-Pump allows management to precisely track and document the usage of every fluid, including fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid, for each individual vehicle and equipment unit in the fleet. A wireless, paperless, "hands-free" technology that IDs each vehicle, its location, and the fluids dispensed to it, Multi-Pump has a GPS antenna and a radio antenna.

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Mixer fleet tracking

Company has announced a new generation of products for its TrimFleet construction supply fleet management solution. The new mobile computing hardware, software and sensors allow organizations to increase productivity and efficiency. The new products are a solid and expandable foundation for applications that can change the way construction material producers operate today.

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