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Magnet adapter

EP-Spillman-150Two new adapters suit company’s 1- and 2.5-ton Ezy-Stryp button magnets. They are  designed for a range of applications where precasters use various forming materials on steel casting tables, and perform with steel, wood, plastic or other forming surface.


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Penetrating lubricant

EP-Berkebile-150Protection First Class (PFC) penetrating lubricant and rust inhibitor represents company’s entry into a new category of environmentally responsible formulations, as indicated in a 99 percent pure cosmetic-grade lanolin composition. Traditional penetrating lubricants use solvents to lower the viscosity of the oils they contain, enabling them to flow more easily or to be dispensed as a spray. The solvents break down some of the essential properties of the oils they mix with and, after quickly evaporating, leave a dry, varnish-like residue that can collect dirt and may actually increase surface friction—thus impeding mechanical action.


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Ultra-rugged mobile device

EP-N4-150The first in a series of mobile devices designed specifically to withstand hard use in industrial environments, theu N4 is housed in an ultra-rugged polycarbonate shell, waterproof and heat-resistant. It features a 5.5-in. high-resolution, 720x1280 Super AMOLED display, Android version 4.3, and 70-key backlit keypad. Other features include a hot-swappable battery, optional three-channel magnetic stripe reader, and an 8MP color camera.


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