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Aerated concrete trailer

Shown at World of Concrete 2012, Aercrete 625 is a mobile unit which blends foam concrete from sand, cement, water, Aercell A-7 and air directly at the building site. The machine continually mixes all ingredients mechanically, which allows for fresh concrete with the best properties. The process is controlled and supervised by a computer which measures all ingredients as stated on the various recipes. All important parameters are logged so that the recipe is followed to proper standards.

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Aggregate Yield Probe

A new aggregate and yield adjustment probe uses SONO/Sonar technology to determine the total moisture content of the material flowing across the ceramic face. It measures both free and absorbed moisture value. A separate module or a customers’ batch control system will then use this value to adjust the yield to account for the moisture present and dose the “dry weight” of the material being measured. This ensures accurate yields and consistent concrete.

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Scale-Tron updates batch controller user interface

Software and screens on the BatchTron control systems have been updated. Scale-Tron notes that better graphics capability in the latest touch screens give an improvement in look and feel, making operation more intuitive and reducing training time. Internal software has been upgraded with many new features that improve accuracy and quickly diagnose problems with plant machinery.

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