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Load manipulators

Pneumatically powered Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulators, in models of 330-, 550- and 880-lb. capacities, counterbalance heavy loads to allow an operator to suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer product. Equipped with appropriate end-of-arm tooling, it adapts to the operator's preferred working height and position, allowing loads to be smoothly and progressively positioned and placed during assembly, suspended for further processing, or simply transferred from one location to another. Once suspended, the product can be moved manually or under power.

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Rampf tests machine-molded texture

Rampf Molds Industries arrived at 2011 Icon Expo in Las Vegas with a prototype of  blocRoc, equipped to add textures to building block or retaining wall unit faces.

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Masonry wave-pattern wear plate

Company’s new generation of block & paver machine wear plates are manufactured from exceptionally abrasion-resistant ExtraChrome hard-weld steel in a distinctive new ‘Snake’ pattern. ExtraChrome Snake wear plates are engineered to offer longer service life for less downtime and better plant efficiency, product engineers note. The pattern  prevents abrasive particles from becoming trapped between straight weld runs found in traditional hard-weld steels, they add, helping to minimize wear during pallet movement.

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