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Besser welds single, double width barrier forms

Single- and double-width median barrier forms, from 8 to 20 ft., are available from this manufacturer. An upside-down pour ensures a smooth product finish. Median barriers can be made with sloped end sections if desired. Forms come with vibrator mounts, fork pockets and anchor holes. A variety of connector plates are available to meet producer needs. All forms are custom engineered and constructed to meet specific needs so products produced meet state and local specifications. The company announced the new barrier forms at the 2011 Precast Show in Charlotte. Besser,

Bibko forms new NA Distributor

German concrete reclaiming equipment manufacturer Bibko GmbH has launched Bibko North America, LLC, based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with regional offices in Tracy, Calif., and Lititz, Pa. The move is a bid to expand presence in the U.S. and Canada with multiple locations and warehouses, resulting in faster deliveries and improved service to customers.

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Silane treatments

Xiameter brand silanes for concrete formulators can help repel water and protect highway infrastructure from weather damage. The freeze-thaw cycles in winter wreak havoc on roads and bridges, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions.  The seeping water often carries deicing salts with it, which can cause or accelerate corrosion of steel reinforcing bars, compromising the integrity of the infrastructure.

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