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Portable stucco pump

43 PumpToughTek models use piston pump technology to deliver abrasive stucco or EIFS materials with a smooth, steady flow, while allowing contractors to use one pump from start to finish.


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Bulk bagging

43 FlexiconNew Rear-Post Bulk Bag Filler features Swing-Down fill head that pivots to the operator at floor level for safe, ergonomic spout connections, and a low-profile loading deck affording filled bag transfer using a pallet jack. The cantilevered fill head pivots downward to a vertical orientation that places the inflatable bag spout seal, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within an arm’s length of an operator standing on the plant floor, eliminating the need to climb steps, strain or risk injury associated with overhead connections to conventional fill heads.


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Pneumatic vibrators, aerators

41 AplusB series pneumatic industrial vibrators are offered as cost-effective and reliable devices for assisting bulk solid materials discharge from bins, hoppers and silos.


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Gehl expands lineup of articulated wheel loaders

42 750Weighing in at 4-5 metric tons, the 650 and 750 articulated loaders represent Gehl’s expansion into the 60- to 80-hp size class. Both models have Tier IV-certified engine emissions technology: a Yanmar 64.4-hp engine on the 650 and a Deutz 74.3-hp engine on the 750. The Yanmar uses a diesel particulate filter after-treating system, while the Deutz engine uses a diesel oxidation catalyst after-treatment system, which allows users to choose their preferred emissions system.


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Double-L side rail system meets FMCSA 5,400-lb. rating for flatbed trailers

41 East iEast Manufacturing has announced a patent-pending, integrated extruded aluminum side-rail system to accommodate a Double-L winch with flat-hook straps for cargo securement. Available on both sides of the Beast or Beast II flatbed trailer, the flat hook tie downs are interchangeable, allowing torque to be applied evenly to stabilize the load. Each tie down is movable so it can be positioned exactly where needed to firmly secure the cargo. Once the flat hook is engaged, the unique design of the rail holds the hook in place while users tension the strap, and enables them to source Double-L winches wherever they find cargo securement accessories.


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