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Portable mini crane

49 Smart RigManufacturer of portable floor cranes narrow enough to fit through doors and elevators for indoor, outdoor and roof top lifting, shifting, moving and installing materials has added the CE-certified S1 Global Model. At 32-in. wide, the mini crane is rated at 1,950 lb. with an 18-ft. hook height. Battery power and on-board charger, tilt alarm, hydraulics and pick and carry design make for easy transport. The 1,450-lb. S1 Global is CE Certified to meet U.S., Canadian and international standards.

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Conveyor monitoring system

47 WatchdogMaterial handling and electronic component specialist has released the fourth generation Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4) control unit for monitoring bucket elevators and conveyors. It processes signals from up to 15 sensors for belt speed, belt misalignment, continuous bearing temperature, pulley misalignment and plug conditions. When an alarm condition is detected, the system logs the details, sounds the alarm and provides shutdown control of the elevator/conveyor and feeding system.


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Portable mixers

46 Toro iAs part of its Concrete and Masonry Equipment program, Toro offers a line of eight towable mixers with 2- to 12-cu.-ft. batch capacity—from the electric CM-250E to the heavy-duty diesel CM-1258Y.


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Natural pozzolan exhibits cement-optimizing capacity in block and paver mixes

In a follow up to a November 2013 report on Active Minerals’ Acti-Gel 208, “Rheology modifer, anti-settling agent suits zero slump to SCC mixes,” Concrete Products examines the natural mineral additive’s latest application: Replacement of up to 30 percent of cement in concrete block and paver mixes, netting potential cost savings up to $0.02/unit.

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Curing blankets

46 BlanketsPowerblankets augment and speed up concrete slab or structure curing cycles, regardless of weather.


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