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Pneumatic-conveying fluidizer

Pneumatic-conveying fluidizerCompany offers a new method of installation for its 2-in. diameter Mini Fluidizer disks. More pneumatic conveying options are now available for moving dry materials in pipes, chutes and small hoppers with easier installation owing to the Fast-Fit Kit, which requires only the drilling of a 1-1/8-in. diameter hole. 

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Concrete piling saw

 Esco Tool, Concrete piling sawA pneumatic saw and track system can be attached to concrete pilings to even off tops and casings, or remove piles in one piece to simplify reprocessing. The Esco APS-438 Concrete Piling Saw features a 14-in. fiberglass reinforced blade that rapidly cuts concrete up to a 5 inch thickness and suits evening off the tops of piles up to 60-in. diameters plus casing cutting. Fully supported on a trolley that rolls along a FlexTrack system, the air-powered saw speeds pile cutting and minimizes operator fatigue.

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Hat-mounted light

Hat-mounted lightThe Halo Light illuminates a worker’s entire task area without adjustment and shadows. Features include 360-degree halo light active illumination system; visibility up to ¼ mile away in all directions; ability to fully illuminate the worker’s task area out to the visual periphery; tension spring-mounting system connects securely to any hard hat.

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Concrete dissolving agent

“Inside-Out” 2X Heavy Duty Concrete Dissolving AgentEqual to stubborn, aged mix and cement paste build up on mixer trucks, plant equipment and other process area surfaces, the “Inside-Out” 2X Heavy Duty Concrete Dissolving Agent is free of caustince, abrasives, and hydrochloric, muriatic, citric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric or phosphoric acids.

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A-LOK extends connector, hanger magnetic tools

A-LOK extends connector, hanger magnetic toolsCompany announced four new products at the 2014 National Precast Concrete Association show in Houston. The Magnetic Angle Tape Measure’s strong backing magnet conforms to the mold as it helps set angles accurately for hole or connector placement, and is available for use with 48- through 144-in. sized equipment. 

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