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BASF headquarters secures double Platinum status

BASF’s North American headquarters building has officially become the fifth construction project in the United States and the first in New Jersey to achieve LEED double Platinum certification. The 325,000-sq.-ft. building, developed in partnership with the Rockefeller Group Development Corporation at The Green at Florham Park, achieved LEED certification for Commercial Interiors (CI) and Core & Shell (CS) from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The facility, which officially opened in May 2012, features many BASF-enabled construction solutions and is one of New Jersey’s largest sustainable projects.

Platinum certification is the highest achievement attainable through the LEED green building certification program, which encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. “Very few projects have earned multiple platinum certifications for one building. In fact, only three sites on the West Coast and one in Michigan have achieved this so far. BASF’s headquarters building in Florham Park is the first LEED double Platinum designated facility—and the largest LEED Platinum corporate project—in New Jersey,” said Florence Block, director of USGBC New Jersey.

Thirty-five BASF-enabled construction solutions are used to achieve the building’s high-performance sustainability profile, including Green Sense solutions as delivered by BASF Admixture Systems customer and U.S. Concrete Company, Eastern Concrete Materials of Elmwood Park, N.Y. Between Sept. 16, 2010 and Oct. 13, 2011, 9,250 cu. yd. of concrete was supplied by Eastern’s Roseland, N.J., plant to Marcedos Construction, the concrete subcontractor.

BASF’s Green Sense Concrete program was used to help U.S. Concrete develop EF Technology—a customizable, sustainable concrete mix design platform that uses BASF’s Glenium high-range water reducing admixtures and substantially replaces portland cement with supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash, slag and silica fume, waste byproducts of industrial processes. EF Technology mix designs have low water-to-cement ratios and can achieve high strengths for improved structural performance in a smaller cross-section and superior long-term durability. The designs used for BASF’s Florham Park, N.J., headquarters reduce water, fossil fuel and carbon dioxide emissions substantially when compared to a 100-percent cement mix design.

“Our new headquarters is a living demonstration of our innovations in sustainable construction and high-performance buildings,” said Hans Engel, chairman and CEO of BASF Corp. “It stands as a tangible example of how BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future while creating a healthy and safe work atmosphere where our employees can even better cooperate and collaborate.”

Furthermore, the manner in which BASF and Rockefeller Group collaborated on the project exemplifies a key pillar of LEED Project Development known as Integrated Design. This is a process by which all the stakeholders of a project are brought together at the outset—from the owner, developer, architects, engineers, contractors, building code officials, planning board members, etc.