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Atlas Block moves first on concrete masonry Environmental Product Declaration

Responding to architectural/ engineering/construction interests’ increasing scrutiny of project specs and their environmental impacts, Atlas Block Co. Ltd., Midland, Ontario, has issued an Environmental Product Declaration—the first for a concrete masonry unit molded in North America.


“We are proud to be leading the industry by providing transparent environmental information on our products and to be the first concrete products manufacturer to issue an EPD,” says Atlas CEO and Past (2011) National Concrete Masonry Association Chairman Don Gordon.

Posted at, the producer’s inaugural EPD covers a 20 cm, 16.5 kg CMU produced with CarbonCure Technologies’ carbon dioxide injection process at the Atlas flagship plant, serving Ontario and Quebec markets. After internal verification of material content and process data, Atlas and CarbonCure have submitted the EPD to Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, a construction-focused, Life Cycle Assessment specialist with offices in Ottawa, Ont., and Kutztown, Pa.

The producer plans EPD for additional concrete masonry products; like the first document, they will be based on the Carbon Leadership Forum’s North American Product Category Rules for ISO 14025 Type III Environmental Product Declarations. The document ramp up coincides with the U.S. Green Building Council’s launch of (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) LEED v4, which provides points for projects where 20 or more specified materials or products are accompanied with EPD.