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Spancrete Precast plays key role in WisDOT project

As part of I-94 North-South Freeway Reconstruction Project, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) replaced the Rawson Avenue bridge in Oak Creek in mid-June. Spancrete products were used to construct the bridge, which was put into place using a technology brand new to the state—a self-propelled modular transporter, or SPMT.


Two superstructure segments were assembled on temporary shoring towers about 800 feet from their final positions in the completed structure. The segments were 138-ft. 2-in. wide; one span was 98-ft. 10 1/2-in. long while the other was 86-ft. 10 1/2-in. long.

In a process that lasted two hours, the SPMT’s massive platforms were positioned underneath the Spancrete Brand precast concrete girders, lifted the roughly 3 million-pound decks and carried them into position over north-south bound traffic lanes, and lowered the pieces until the Spancrete Brand precast pier caps were properly positioned on the bridge’s structural supports.

Spancrete-IThe right of way on the east and west sides of I-94 needed only minor grading to accommodate the SPMT equipment. The right of way also provided ample room to keep the segment construction operations at a safe distance away from the active traffic. This enhanced the safety of the construction workers as well as that of the traveling public. Furthermore, this construction method allowed crews to build and install the bridge in about one month’s time, versus the normal four to six months a project like this would traditionally take.

Rawson Avenue was opened to traffic at the start of summer.