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Skako Raises Scc Mix Precision With Two-Point Probe, Wireless Technology

Skako’s North American Visco Probe technology launch is set for The Precast Show, Feb. 18–20, in Phoenix

Sources: CP staff; Skako Inc., San Diego

Skako's North American Visco Probe technology launch is set for The Precast Show, Feb. 18Ò20, in Phoenix. Suited for new countercurrent or pan plant mixers, or existing model retrofits, the two-component device calculates and adjusts self consolidating mix consistency based on probe-measured relative values for internal forces key to workability and flowability. In lieu of using mixer motor power measurements, Visco Probe combines a cast steel ball, accompanying the mixer paddlesÌ path, and force sensors with strain gauge to relay mix characteristic readings by wireless signals to a receiver/automatic process controller. The latter can be interfaced with most existing batching and mixing controls.

Visco Probe's interface screen allows easy data entry with a dynamic, real-time color graphic illustrating progress toward the SCC mix consistency target, then flashes a bulls-eye hit as it discharges the load. The technology automatically monitors all incoming materialsÌ effect on concrete mix consistency. Probe measurements are not affected by internal mixer part wear or gearbox oil temperature. The device can register a change in concrete consistency resulting from the addition of as little as 26 oz. of water in a yard of homogenous mix. Û