Homeowner Incentives

With cash prizes of $500 or $1,000, Hanson Hardscapes’ Before & After Photo Contest was open to all residents of the U.S. and Canada. Participants were encouraged to create something out of the ordinary on their own, or with their contractors/installers, using Hanson Hardscapes paving stone or segmental retaining wall units.

Category A

Under 1000 square feet. This 600-sq.-ft. project included a new front entrance/ courtyard with a walkway around the side of the house, plus a new backyard patio. Hanson Hardscapes staff chose it because of the dramatic transformation from start to finish (removed a masonry wall and large shrubs in the front and poured concrete patio in the back), the use of both pavers and walls, and  excellent workmanship by the contractor. Judges also felt the colors worked well together and with the house, that the entire project was well integrated, and that it greatly improved the traffic flow while connecting the front and back spaces.

Homeowner’s comments: Our contractor recommended a color combination not pictured in your catalogue. We like the complimentary contrast between the Niagara Walnut Blend border and wall with the English Cobble Cashmere Beige Blend pavers. We especially like the path extending from our courtyard to the side of the house where our water spigot is located. This allows us easy access to water the surrounding landscape plants.

Category B

Over 1000 square feet. This project consisted of a multi-level back patio with designated spaces for dining and relaxing. Hanson Hardscapes staff chose it for the dramatic before and after transformation, use of both pavers and walls, and overall impact on the property. Judges also liked the fact that the contractor combined retaining wall systems to maintain structural integrity (Antique RB Wall on the bottom); added visual interest (10-in Coping in a different color for accent);  and, maintained the same appearance on both the outside and inside of the courtyard wall (Antique Hampton Wall). Consideration was also given to the incorporation of lighting, both on the pillars and on the stairs.

Homeowner’s comment: The drop from the door wall was over 5 feet to the ground but I loved pavers so much I had to find a way to get a nice patio!