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RCC, Florida’s Martin County build sustainable traffic center

Last year, when Martin County decided to upgrade its existing traffic monitoring station, which was housed in a warehouse, it had only three construction requirements—cost effective, sustainable and relocatable (as the county may have plans to move the facility in the future). Building relocatable structures is a new trend in government and education construction, which has proven to be cost conscious.

All three of these requirements were met by Royal Concrete Concepts and their patented concrete modular building systems. “Martin County decided to utilize RCC’s modular building system to provide a safe, energy efficient and sustainable structure,” stated Dustin Flint, business development representative for RCC. “Concurrent construction, along with proactive cost saving strategies, saved Martin County a substantial amount of time and money on this project.”

West Palm Beach-based RCC has earned a reputation for efficient construction methods and benefits like relocatable capabilities, having recently completed jobs of this nature for Palm Beach State College, Florida Power & Light and Everglades National Park.

The concrete modular units are constructed of steel-reinforced 6,000-psi concrete, created off-site at RCC’s manufacturing plant in Okeechobee, Fla., and transported to the jobsite for assembly. This results in less waste and noise than traditional construction sites. The 1,350 sq.-ft. traffic monitoring station was built using two 14- x 28- ft. concrete pieces creating a 28- x 48- ft. structure—the largest single structure RCC has built to date. RCC also worked closely with the Martin County Facilities Department along with Tercilla Courtemanche Architects of West Palm Beach to build around a variety of stringent electrical requirements the traffic station heavily depends on to effectively communicate.

Located in Stuart, Fla., the new station is vital to Martin County’s ability to manage traffic flow by monitoring all intersections with cameras and more. In addition, once severe weather hits, the facility serves as a safe house for staff reporting roadway blockages and re-routing traffic.