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Base Barrier

As part of ongoing security upgrades, Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base officials issued a request for proposals on a new concrete barrier style for building perimeters. They needed a product that met Department of Defense D4 specs, which include reinforcing content and potential crash-loading thresholds, but sought a more aesthetic design than transportation-styled barriers typical of past contracts.

Precaster and design/build contractor Speed Fab-Crete, based in Kennedale, Texas—bordering Fort Worth—proposed a barrier with robust D4 features and design elements appropriate for a military installation. Using an in-house CAD program more often deployed for its architectural or load-bearing precast wall systems, the producer cleared a configuration and beige paint color shade with NAS Forth Worth JRB officials. The wide base barrier is approximately 3-ft. high, 4-ft. wide, and 20-in. deep. The base provides stability and resistance: In the event the barrier is knocked over, chances of a vehicle proceeding on an intended path are greatly curtailed.

Speed Fab-Crete Bridge Division Manager Jeff Harwell (middle photo) enlisted Spillman Co. and Symons by Dayton Superior for five forms and formliners, the latter cast in urethane and bearing a simple graphic—easily attained with conventional concrete—derived from a more complicated base logo. The producer subcontracted barrier painting, which entailed priming and application of a Sherwin Williams textured top coat. Speed Fab-Crete produced, delivered and installed more than 600 NAS Ft. Worth JRB barriers from May – December 2012. (An update on Speed Fab-Crete plant and market activities appears on pages 30-32).